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To want to throw something at DP's DB

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GoingBackToSchool Sun 20-Jan-13 02:28:01

My DP's DB has some unfortunate incidents hmm resulting in him now living back at home (with my DP and their Mum). He sleeps in the room directly next to where my DP and I sleep (I stay over quite a lot). It is currently about 2AM and he (DB) has returned from wherever he has been (I assume the pub) with a girl who he has been (ahem) seeing. I don't mind this, he is entitled to do what he liked with whoever he likes.

However, he had (clearly) woken me up as well as my DP as his understanding of the words 'quiet' and 'whisper' are nonexistent. The girl he's with is worse, her voice is just so loud and (I hate to say it) really chavy. They have put a film on though they are chatting over it.

The thing I hate most us that there's no consideration for. Anyone else in the house (bungalow so all rooms b close). My DP has work in the morning (chef- split shift tomorrow) and I can tell that he is not asleep.

AIBU to want to go and thump the (ahem) twonk and tell him to shut the hell up because he is keeping everyone up! He wakes me and DP up all the time, once before with this girl and many other times just by him and his loud mouth! This is excluding many other very selfish, disgusting and rude things that he has dome/does. It's not fair on my DP and I want to just through something at him!!

Sorry, I know this is long and probably seems pathetic, but it's really affecting my DP sad

GoingBackToSchool Sun 20-Jan-13 19:23:12

As I said previously, I pay a subsidised rate due to low income. DP/DB does pay local rate. My parents don't do my washing up or laundry, though in all fairness, they do cook family meals, though a lot of the time I am out.

ConfusedPixie Sun 20-Jan-13 22:14:49

And what about DP and his brother? do they do their washing up/laundry?

& if your DP is paying local rate, why can he not afford to move out, as he is paying local rate already...

andtheycalleditbunnylove Sun 20-Jan-13 22:43:50

erm, i didn't bring religion into it. someone else said i was a Muslim, so i clarified.

CoolaSchmoola Mon 21-Jan-13 01:32:49

"I like spending time there, on the odd occasion it can be noisy..."

"Odd occasion"? "ODD OCCASION"????

So WHY all the bloody drama?!

The DB is noisy on the odd sodding occasion.... so what exactly is wrong with that? You made it sound like he was frequently always making noise and waking you up, and now it's "on the odd occasion" - why are you whinging about it?

<Bangs head off laptop repeatedly>

If it was frequent and it was your house then you would have a point. But you just said (on page 6) that it's "on the odd occasion" and it's NOT your house - therefore what exactly IS your point?

EVERYONE is allowed to be noisy on the odd occasion in their OWN HOME.

Your sleep is disturbed on the "odd occasion"?? You'll survive.

I'm thinking 18-20, first major relationship and more than a little "holier than thou" about said relationship. Real life is going to be one hell of a learning curve. I foresee a thread a few years from now about "neighbours having really inconsiderate LOUD partie*S*" and it will turn out they had one, on NYE - the noisy bastards!!

Morloth Mon 21-Jan-13 02:25:29

None of the waffling you are doing matters.

If you don't like the noise level in someone else's home, you just don't stay there.

If your DP either doesn't mind or can't be arsed to have it out with his brother, that is his business.

It isn't your home, therefore you don't get a say.

It is the Mum's house. She gets to decide what is reasonable, as both sons are adults, if they don't like what she thinks is reasonable then they can move out.

It really is very simple.

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