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Snow conditions

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tazmo Sat 19-Jan-13 17:36:33

Aibu? So we have snow in Scotland. 2 in max. Roads cleared and I know will be all to the nearest city where I'm supposed to be having sun leaving lunch for a friend. Forecast is light snow and ice. 4 of us are meeting up. 2 live in the city and could bus it or walk (30 mins for them). Our other friend lives north of the city and fair enough tend to get snowed in on a farm. Leaving friend said our friend up north not keen to travel so should we cancel. I've said I'm ok to meet up as forecast not bad and to be selfish, I haven't met up with friends in ages as have a small family which makes socialising a bit difficult with friends. Friend who is moving abroad seems keen to cancel (wondering if a man friend is involved).

I said I'm still happy to meet up (not that have told her but have got her some euros for her trip as she is short of cash) as really not sure when will see her later. Said shed be back in march and may for a visit but she knows a lot of people so a weekend is going to be hard to fit us in after she has gone. We could not get another date when we could all get together (old flat mates from uni - she is one of my child's godparent).

Aibu to say I can still make it or at least wait to see how weather is tomorrow and then make a decision??? Snow is as pathetic as can be to what we have got in past!!


LindyHemming Sat 19-Jan-13 17:42:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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