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to wonder why the school needed to send a text warning us that they'd let us know about school being open or shut tomorrow...

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MrsMushroom Thu 17-Jan-13 20:19:31

because of the snow...when it's only dropped about three flakes?

The text was sent out this morning at 9.30am and there hadn't been ANY snow in the area (cheshire) can they warn us about the school closing when we've only had a sprinkle?

Ok it may get heavier....but that's a big MAY isn't it? Am I bu to think they might wait till morning and then decide?

MardyBraWouldDoEddieRedmayne Thu 17-Jan-13 20:20:54

YABU. Snow is forecast. Our school sent us a text to tell us to check the local authority website in the morning. Fair enough.

TantrumsAndBalloons Thu 17-Jan-13 20:21:14

Well, it's so you can arrange childcare if needed.
Otherwise people will be shouting "how can they close the school and not give us any notice? How are we supposed to go to work?"

Sensible to warn us isn't it?

It's only a text.

weblette Thu 17-Jan-13 20:22:08

Agree with Mardy, if you look at the Met Office website tomorrow is going to be pretty snowy in a lot of places.

Veritate Thu 17-Jan-13 20:22:21

Seems to me to be reasonable. A lot of snow is forecast, they're alerting parents reasonably well in advance so they can began making arrangements at least provisionally. They're not saying they will definitely close. Why is it a problem?

CloudsAndTrees Thu 17-Jan-13 20:22:38

Agree with Tantrums. It's so that you can't complain that you had no notice that they might close if you will need to arrange childcare.

goldiehorn Thu 17-Jan-13 20:23:13

I dont get the problem with this at all?!

mum11970 Thu 17-Jan-13 20:24:28

I'm on the north Wales coast and haven't even had a sprinkle yet but the youngest was sent home with a note yesterday about snow procedures. I'll be bloomin surprised if we have any snow in the morning.

Ambrosiacreamedrice Thu 17-Jan-13 20:24:31

If they don't tell you that they will let you know, the office will be inundated with phone calls tomorrow morning. We found this out the hard way as our school answer phone had a message that starts 'The school is now closed' until 7:30 when admin get in, and lots of parents took that to mean we were closed all day because of the snow.

LindyHemming Thu 17-Jan-13 20:24:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ragwort Thu 17-Jan-13 20:26:49

Only a text ........... we got two letters in the post (both saying exactly the same thing) stating that the school might be closed and to check the website confused - why do school budgets allow for two letters, to the same postal address - we only have one child grin. There are over 1500 pupils at the school - do the math !!!!

TandB Thu 17-Jan-13 20:27:11

Um, so that when it snows massively tonight as it is forecast to do everyone will know that the school will make an announcement and can wait for that announcement.

TheDailyWail Thu 17-Jan-13 20:27:23

Maybe they are trying to tell you where to find the info should they need to close? To avoid dealing with an influx of calls ?

amistillsexy Thu 17-Jan-13 20:27:58

They were probably innundated with phone calls and had people queuing up at the office to ask what was going to happen if it snows tomorrow.

I imagine they were simply responding to parents' requests for information.

meditrina Thu 17-Jan-13 20:28:57

We've had a message telling us at what time the open/closed message will be texted to all parents and posted on the website.

I thought this was to avoid the school being inundated with phone calls.

Hulababy Thu 17-Jan-13 20:29:40

But they are making the decision tomorrow morning arent they? That's what the text said yes?

They are just trying to preempt parents calling in in the morning to ask. Parents now know to look out for a text.

Foggles Thu 17-Jan-13 20:29:44

I'm in Manchester and we got a warning about the snow saying it's likely to be heavier towards Cheshire/Merseyside.

I don't see any problem in them sending you a message.

greenpostit Thu 17-Jan-13 20:30:19

Yabu. Wish our school had made arrangements like yours. I don't know how I'll find out whether it is closed. Text would be great!

IwishIwasmoreorganised Thu 17-Jan-13 20:31:44

Sounds like a very sensible move to me.

Why wouldn't you want to know where to get information regarding the schools ability to open if you do have snow?

Our school have done the same and I'm impressed tbh.


marriedinwhite Thu 17-Jan-13 20:32:35

Because some parents might go to work and need to alert their employers in advance, legitimately, that they might not be able to come to work.

wonkylegs Thu 17-Jan-13 20:37:36

Ha our local high school website has a banner message saying it will not close even if we get more snow.
DS s First school has shut a steep path as the snow and ice has made it treacherous but again won't be closing due to snow. DS is disappointed as he wanted to play out in the snow (I don't it's too blimmin freezing it hasn't eeked above minus temps today)

hugoagogo Thu 17-Jan-13 20:39:36

Yabu Is this unanimous?

This is so you don't have to ring and check tomorrow, safe in the knowledge they will text you if school is closed. Win win no?

apostropheuse Thu 17-Jan-13 20:42:43

I think by now you're probably aware that YABU.

It's just a different way of saying

Don't phone us, we'll phone you!`

It seems eminently sensible to me.

MrsMushroom Thu 17-Jan-13 20:48:57

I don't see why some snow means school may close. The text said "We will let you know by text if school is closed."

I mean what?? It's snow....not frigging napalm.

Veritate Thu 17-Jan-13 20:52:23

Because some of the teachers may not be able to get in if conditions are really bad. If there are too few teachers, they can't open.

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