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to give my DSes dinner an hour early and then put them to bed.

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RagamuffinAndFidget Wed 16-Jan-13 15:08:45

[boring AIBU, sorry, just canvassing opinions]

DS1 (3.5yo) and DS2 (17.5mo) both have stinking colds. Neither napped for long this afternoon - about 50 minutes, compared to their usual average 2 hours - and they're both obviously still tired. DS2 just wants to be attached to my boobs constantly and they're both very grumpy. DH thinks I am being ridiculous to consider giving them dinner at 4:30, rather than 5:30, and then to try getting them to bed by 6, rather than 7. He's convinced they will both be up at 5am if I do.

So AIBU to try and give them an early night, and will we be up at daft o'clock if they got to bed so early?

N0tinmylife Wed 16-Jan-13 15:11:46

I would give it a try, although there is obviously a risk they will then get you up at stupid o'clock. I have always found DS needs more sleep when he is ill, and I would imagine after a day of two poorly children you could use a break too!

pleasethanks Wed 16-Jan-13 15:12:21

If they are tired and unwell, best get them to bed early. That is what they need and sleep is the best for them. My DD (2.3) had a stinking cold and asked to go to bed at 5pm! So I got her bathed and tucked up asleep by 6. She slept till 10am the next day!! They may be up early, but you can always get an early night yourself?

Hope they feel better soon

Sugarice Wed 16-Jan-13 15:12:48

I'd get them in bed early if it was me, stinking colds may mean they wake up through the night regardless if their noses are blocked or coughing like mad.

If they wake up at 5, so be it.

SirBoobAlot Wed 16-Jan-13 15:14:25

I'd feed them when they're hungry, put them to bed when they're tired, and still be ready for a 5am wake up, to be honest. All goes out of the window with a cold.

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