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To think it's no wonder Royal Mail delivery men get bitten by dogs so often.

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D0oinMeCleanin Wed 16-Jan-13 14:32:04

When normal people knock on my door, in a normal way, my dogs do as they've been trained to do and go to their beds.

When the lovely lady from Hermes knocks on my door in a nice, normal way, the dogs go to their beds.

When my Dad knocks on my door, the dogs sense it is him and wait patiently in the hall until I let him upon which they dive at him with gusto.

When Royal Mail knock on my door in the way at only Royal Mail do, I jump so far out my seat I almost hit ceiling, Whippy runs terrified into her crate and Devil Dog decides he must protect the house from the person trying to break down the front door at all costs, including snapping at me when I restrain him to get him into a different room, before they attempt to kick the door in again knock again, which they inevitably do.

I would complain but I have a feeling bad things might start happening to my mail but it is really necessary for them to knock so loud it would wake the dead? Really?! I can't be the only person who has problems with Royal Mail couriers scaring them half to death?

Scheherezade Fri 25-Jan-13 19:56:04

My postie just opens the back door and leaves everything in the conservantory. If it needs signing she calls smile

honeybee321 Fri 25-Jan-13 19:56:05

Americans have the right idea... :-)

Scheherezade Fri 25-Jan-13 19:57:14

My postie just opens the back door and leaves everything in the conservantory. If it needs signing she calls smile

floweryblue Fri 25-Jan-13 20:06:20

We usually have the same postman, our dog is always excited to see him because he always gives her a biscuit. The other day I was in when I saw the postman's van arrive, I dashed out to collect the post from the postman to save him the steps into our garden. Even though it was not our usual postman, he still gave a biscuit to the dog.

I find that RM are the best, the most reliable, the most friendly, the most helpful of all the delivery services. But I guess we are lucky to live in a rural area with relatively few different postmen, so they know us and remember what is likely to happen at our address (if they can find us!).

alcibiades Fri 25-Jan-13 20:50:25

I feel sorry for posties and delivery people, they are under such time pressures these days.

We have a mail box (rather than a letter box) which is situated near to the front door. It's not a "standard" mail box - we had it made up by a carpenter when we moved in, some 20+ years ago, and it doesn't have any markings on it, though no-one, including random leafletters, seem to have difficulty figuring it out. That must be good for posties, because there's no bending down to fit things through letter boxes that are at the bottom of the door, nor wondering if their fingers will get trapped by strong springs, nor that a dog (or a cat!) will nip their fingers.

The mail box slot is long enough and wide enough to take a small Amazon package, e.g. 2 or 3 DVDs, but not so big as to permit removal without unlocking the padlock. The window in my den MNing room overlooks the driveway, and sometimes it's quite fascinating to catch a glimpse of our various posties - most don't have to even break their stride, it's like watching precision marching, and the one today just kind of stretched out and "flipped" the post into the mailbox (he's probably a champion darts player).

But, being more serious, I can understand your issue, OP, to a certain extent. It is quite alarming, for both humans as well as dogs, to have an unexpected hammering at the door. But I think you could go half-way to resolving the issue by having a doorbell in a prominent position and which is audible at the front door (and maybe has wireless repeaters elsewhere in the house). I would think that most posties/delivery people would prefer a gentle push on a doorbell rather than bruising their knuckles.

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