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To take ds out of nursery? Really bloody had it today. This is part 2 of previous thread

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WaynettaSlobsLover Mon 14-Jan-13 19:39:58

You might remember my thread the other day about ds not settling at nursery and the staff making me stay to settle him and the nurserys policy about not caring for kids who haven't settled. Well today I took him and he did the crying and stuff but then went into a room with his keyworker to play, so I left and went to get on with things. Then an hour later I got a phone call: " can you pick up ds now because keyworker says he's had enough." Pretty pissed off so had to go down there in the pissing rain and pick him up. (I don't drive as I mentioned before, but I'm learning) keyworker, lovely as she is, just said "oh well it got a bit much for him and a bit noisy so that was it. We will keep persevering and maybe do an hour tomorrow". As if I have absolutely no plans myself or errands to run, but can easily stay with him to carry on unsuccessfully settling him, toddler in tow that I keep having to pick up and check on despite being pregnant and knackered. I've really had it today and tbh want to pull him out of there.

ophelia275 Tue 15-Jan-13 10:44:24

Why don't you just tell them you can't collect him and they will have to deal with it?

Pigsmummy Tue 15-Jan-13 17:24:00

Could you try an hour tomorrow and build it up? If this is the first nursery experience for your DC then a gradual transition would be good. Mums returning back to work are recommended to get their DC used to the environment rather than just drop them off and hope for the best.

stella1w Tue 15-Jan-13 18:13:40

The nursery is out of order. I wd just refuse to pick him up early. Whatever you decide i wd put in a written complaint to ofsted because that will show up on their reports and hopefully warn off other parents

MamaBear17 Tue 15-Jan-13 19:37:15

My dd struggled to settle at nursery to begin with and they never called me once. When I phoned them to see how she was (usually after having handed her over screaming an hour before) they would always say 'she's fine' and tell me something she had done that was nice e.g 'she has had her breakfast' 'she has been to see the flowers in the garden' etc. When I got there to pick her up she was almost always commanding one of the nursery assistants full attention and usually the ladies looked like they needed a large glass of wine. However, it did get a little better each day and after two weeks she had settled beautifully and now she absolutely loves it. The nursery nurses always gave me a commentary at the end of each day as to which strategies they had tried and what she had enjoyed that day. She was hard work, for three months she completely refused the food that they offered. To begin with they asked me if it was okay for them to just persevere and see if she would 'eat when she was hungry'. When, after about a week, that hadn't worked they asked if I would provide a sandwich, which I did. They then offered her the 'proper dinner' with the other children, and if she didnt eat it, they gave her a sandwich. Once I forgot to pack the sandwiches into the changing bag so they rang me and asked if they could make her one, and which filling should they give. She eventually accepted the food and now eats practically everything they put in front of her. It sounds to me like the nursery that your son is at are being crap. They are a professional organisation who should have a number a strategies to help your son get used to his new routine. None of those strategies should involve you going back to settle him for them. I know for a fact that my dd spent one of her first days begin carried around by one of the nursery assistants because she wouldn't be put down. However, the nursery never highlighted it as an issue to me, they just got on with it. They have a duty of care to your son. If you do not feel that they are meeting his needs, and it sounds like they arent, take him out and try a different place.

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