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to risk another copper coil?

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SoHHKB Mon 14-Jan-13 14:19:08

Not keen on hormonal contraception and would prefer not to use condoms or make a permanent decision about very unlikely future children...
Was very happy with my IUD until I got pregnant shock Baby due any day now and while I realise sex won't be my top priority for a while, I would like to get back to it eventually...
But could I trust a coil again??? WWYD?

iloveeverton Mon 14-Jan-13 14:27:12

I wouldn't trust it for a different reason to you.

I have had it twice fall out on me. Then the heavy bleeding continued after it came out so I've been under gynae at the hospital and on examination they found my cervix is damaged likely from the coil and when it was inserted.

I am now having regular check ups and have been warned this could be a problem in future pg.

I'm back on the pill but hate it I want to do this sterlization

whatphididnext Mon 14-Jan-13 14:30:39

I have a mirena and been so happy with it, but I know that loads of other people have not got on with them.
My one is 'expiring' so I am going to have a new one fitted in the next few months.

SoHHKB Mon 14-Jan-13 14:34:00

Thanks iloveeverton and sorry to hear about the problems you've had. Anyone know if the Essure procedure is available on the NHS?

Seabird72 Mon 14-Jan-13 15:59:07

Just had the Mirena one myself - dr told me that it will stop ovulation so should stop my severe pms and often can stop periods which would be great as I am lucky to get 2 weeks without one before - uncomfortable procedure but the spot bleeding has basically stopped (4 days later and all I have noticed so far is Ifeel hungry all the time - I have today been on websites looking up this coil as I wonder if I rushed into it due to the promise of no periods, no ovulation, no pms and I am horrified at what I've read - people claiming hair loss but extra facial hair, severe depression, no sex drive and still getting periods just as heavy as before - I have my fingers crossed that I don't suffer these symptoms - oh and weight gain but we're talking 2-3 stone!!!! (yet they claim not to be eating more) - I really want this to work out because I do not want to go on the pill or have the injection (that didn't work for me last time re: stopping periods) - I don't need to worry about getting pregnant unless I ditch the hubby but I really had hoped for a solution other than having a hysterectomy to the periods and pms. Now terrified of the possibility of it falling out!!!!!!

whatphididnext Mon 14-Jan-13 21:57:40

I have had mine in for 5 yrs. I sometimes spot but no periods. I get a bit of PMS but nothing as bad as before when I'd take a day off work with cramping.
I am still a grumpy moo but have been since birth so can't blame the coil blush

Oh and used to have to take foul iron tablets which made me constipated (TMI?)

I have had it checked a few times and it's stayed put.

My Dr. says that it will make getting my hormone levels right a lot easier once I start menopause if I have the mirena as well.

McNewPants2013 Mon 14-Jan-13 22:05:07

would never have a coil again, 2 have came out and i was lucky not to get pregnant.

mmmmsleep Mon 14-Jan-13 22:30:00

Sol iud copper coil or ius mirena are more effective than you getting sterilised. Only better is nexplanon or vasectomy. Nothing is 100% so sounds like you've just been unlucky. You could get it and have scan to check position just to make sure perfectly positioned. Ideally if you are super fertile you would have a method that also stops you ovulating like pill or implant or injection. Mirena stops 20% of women ovulating but most not.
To those below who've had them and now worrying after reading blogs....i fit loads of coils. Side effects are rare once you get over the first 8ish weeks of irregular bleeding while lining of the womb sheds and hormonal side effects with mirena tend to wear off after 3 months as it settles down. It's such a low dose. There will always be someone it doesn't suit but compared to side effects and failure rate of pills is much better tolerated....the blogs don't truly represent standard experience.

OP i suggest you speak to a family planning trained dr about your situation given your pregnancy on coil. Good luck for the arrival of little one.

mmmmsleep Mon 14-Jan-13 22:32:24

Oh and most people's periods stop or get much lighter on mirena because womb lining kept so thin. Massive plus point!

foreverondiet Mon 14-Jan-13 22:45:00

I have mirena. Only side effects for me is no periods - so I love it.

I didn't get on with pill (headaches / IBS much worse) but hormones in mirena at lower dose.

Whatwhatwhat Mon 14-Jan-13 23:04:12

I was skimming and misread this thread title as
"to risk another person's copper coil?"

Don't know was I reading in a word from a thread above or below.
In the 5 seconds it took me to read properly my mind went wild. Thought it was some money saving plan!!
Definitely wouldn't advise going the second hand route but hear v good things about (new) copper coil IUD.

YellowTulips Tue 15-Jan-13 00:35:47

I have had 2 coils and both have been effective from a contraception POV.

However my biggest issue was when the first was removed.

I don't know if I am exception but to say it hurt was an understatement. Seriously, childbirth was easier. It was like my womb was being pulled out with barbed wire.

It took 20 mins and it was the worst pain in my life. I had the mirena put in after as I had agreed to this in advance but by that time I was so pain drunk I didn't notice if that hurt or not (first coil insertion was fine).

Totally dreading when this coil is due to be replaced hmm

Not sure what went wrong as I was too shell shocked to ask at the time. Even the GP and Nurse seemed shocked at how difficult it was to remove and how much I bled.

Bled heavily for a solid month after and for the week after was changing pads every hour (too sore for any other form of protection).

Anyone else experienced this?

JulieButton Tue 15-Jan-13 00:49:50

I have the implant which is the most effective non-permanent contraceptive. Getting pg for me would mean having to face a termination, so the tiny variations in reliability matter to me (less than 1 in 1000 women will get pg on the implant vs. less than 2 in 100 women will get pg on the copper coil).

As a contraceptive, it's not perfect, I was a bit squeamish about it being inserted but I am less bothered about niggles like mood swings or spots than I am about facing another abortion tbh. I've always found it rather odd that some women risk pg by avoiding the more reliable contraceptives like the coil in favour of condoms/pill, because they're worried about the pain of having it inserted - then they end up pg and then have to deal with the pain of childbirth (or abortion or miscarriage).

SoHHKB Tue 15-Jan-13 12:14:52

grin whatwhatwhat - well it is 'no spend january' wink

Thanks all for your replies and yes mmmmsleep I will certainly be talking to my family planning clinic to find out their suggestions. I do think I couldn't possibly be that 'unlucky' twice I prefer 'unexpectedly blessed! but the midwives all have a good chuckle at my antenatal appointments and suggest I get something different next time...

Lots of people have suggested Mirena - might be worth a try given the much lower hormone doses I was a right miserable cow on the pill! blush

weegiemum Tue 15-Jan-13 12:19:05

I loved the mirena. For 14 months I'd no periods, ovulation pains, migraines etc.

Then I got pregnant. I don't do pregnant well, I'd been pretty much told to stop after 2!

Dh had a vasectomy after that!

MummytoMog Tue 15-Jan-13 12:23:10

I loathe hormonal contraception, can't take combined pill thanks to blood pressure issues, I bleed constantly on Cerazette, and I suspected that this would be the case with Mirena as well. I also found I had NO libido when on the pill, which was irritating to say the least. I was just counting days and avoiding fertile times, which has always worked well for me and my regular cycle, but when my Dad died unexpectedly I lost track of where I was, misread my app and we ended up shagging on three out of my four fertile days. I realised this at four days past ovulation, so sprinted off to the clinic to get a copper coil fitted. The first couple of months were crazy with the bleeding, but I've since had no problems, I know it's still there because I had an internal scan in December, and my libido is unaffected. Did your coil come out or are you uber fertile?

For what it's worth, if I got pregnant again it would be inconvenient but not impossible, but the fertillity clinic (once they stopped telling me I was fertile 'all the time' even though that's biologically impossible) said it was very reliable. Most unpleasant bit for me was the sound. URGH.

SoHHKB Tue 15-Jan-13 12:39:17

Hmm, weegiemum, I guess nothing is 100% safe!

MummytoMog, yy to no sex drive on the pill, which is not what I want at all! At my early scan, the coil was exactly where it should have been so I guess I'm just special... wink

MummytoMog Tue 15-Jan-13 12:42:37

Wow! Special you smile Teensy bit jealous as would love a third, but DH is not completely on board. Yet.

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