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AIBU to wonder why Manchester airport won't let me fly solo with 3 DCs aged 13, 10 and 3 yrs old ?

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Perspective21 Mon 14-Jan-13 09:14:10

Tried to investigate tickets for flights to Italy in Summer. DH will take our car, bikes for all and all luggage. He will meet us at airport on our arrival in Italy. Jet2 seemed to allow us to book tickets, not confirmed, but nowhere in the process was this issue flagged up. However, Manchester airport information says I may not travel alone with 3 children. Anyone heard of this before? All will obviously have paid for seats and older daughters cope pretty independently, leaving me to handle 3yr old DS. Can anyone shed any light, we have emailed and are awaiting their response.

Thank you.

mamakoula Wed 16-Jan-13 18:19:00

sorry my misreading - the way I read the OP was that she was not allowed to travel solo with three kids and not a specific reason as to whether it was about flying solo or the number of children.

We have flown solo (with one child) and they do spot checks for letters of consent.

For a number of countries, this letter must be a legal document e.g. solicitor or notary. Home grown letters are not deemed acceptable. You may need birth and marriage certificates with you, copies of the other parent's passport info page and contact details.

ChuffMuffin Wed 16-Jan-13 18:55:05

I know its probably got nothing to do with it but I wonder if its a knee jerk reacyion to this from last year? Runaway boy, 11, jets to Rome alone after slipping through security at Manchester Airport

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