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To consider private for my DS's on our income?

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Lotsofknockers Sat 12-Jan-13 18:27:10

I don't wish to get into the state vs private but am considering private for my DS's for various reasons - is it affordable on a income of £130k per year? Day dees around 10k per year which will rise for prep. We live in London - one DS would go this year the other in two years time but there would be consideration of nursery fees of around £800 a month so technically the same as two lots of fees now. Are we mad to consider it? Will we be struggling? Mortgage is around £1300 per month.

diabolo Mon 14-Jan-13 19:34:30



France is the extent of school trips for DS so far.

Bearbehind Mon 14-Jan-13 21:01:31

Maisiejoe, I never said these trips were 'essential' I was simply pointing out that the OP said sending her children to private school meant sacrificing family holidays and I was highlighting the fact that their peers will be travelling, either on school trips or with their parents, and it is a factor to consider when weighing up the options.

MrsDe Tue 15-Jan-13 13:10:58

Coming in late to this but have only just seen it.

OP, we are in central london and have a similar joint income. Our mortgage is higher and we manage to send both of ours to the local fee paying school. Well, my DS will start in September but until then we have a nanny/part time nursery place and actually our childcare costs will be lower once he starts in school in September.

We manage to put into pensions, save, have holidays (camping trips granted, not 5 star resorts but still abroad) a nice car and days out etc. We don't have any other debt other than our mortgage and guess we don't spend much on clothes or other material things, gadgets etc. but I was talking to OH about this last night and neither of us feel as though we are missing out. Ocassionaly I think about how nice it would be to not watch every penny but I realise that we are lucky to have what we do have and for me it's worth it.

I am surprised at some of the comment from posters on here saying that they wouldn't do it on that salary. I guess it goes to show it's all about what other outgoings you have.

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