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Newspaper taking photos of children at school then selling them to parents

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Palinto Sat 12-Jan-13 08:43:03

When DS started school I ticked the box which said I didn't mind him having his photo taken, assuming this would be for school related things.

A term in and a photo of their first day at school is published in our cities newspaper, which we can then buy from them.... I felt a bit hmm about this but obviously didn't want to not buy a picture of my DS on his first day at school.. I was then charged £7 plus £2 postage for a rubbish quality tiny print.

It reminds me of being in Morocco and getting followed by guys with cameras who would then try to sell you the pictures they took, i.e. not entirely appropriate for an infant school. I wouldn't mind so much buying a photo from the actual school, but the newspaper?

AIBU to be annoyed at this?

10storeylovesong Sun 13-Jan-13 16:44:02

mumagain no-one is saying that the use of children's images is not an issue on the Internet. In this context I would not have an issue personally with my children being in the paper, and if this was the only concern raised to me about other people's children then again I would not have concerns.

You say that your concern about it being online is not about peodophiles - what exactly is it about? If there are no other safeguarding issues then there are no reasons not to publish it.

And yes, the OP did give consent. She obviously didn't know what she was giving consent to but that is her own fault. I don't sign anything unless I know exactly what I'm signing, especially if it's something so important.

And like someone else said, if she had a real concern regarding this, why on earth did she buy the photo??? I think the real issue is that she is not happy with the quality of the photo - which is not a safeguarding issue. The newspaper have done nothing wrong here.

Floggingmolly Sun 13-Jan-13 17:44:57

mumagain39. They don't actually name the children in the photograph???
You do realise there will be photos of 2 or more classes of 30 children from each school in the borough; in ours there are 6.
So... at least 360 children, in such tiny print that magnifying glasses are needed to make out the individual children. Op's child is not "all over the papers", believe me, and most definitely has not been specially chosen to sell more papers, as she seems to fondly imagine.

shesariver Sun 13-Jan-13 22:52:35

Mumagain - well if youre not worried paedophiles and this is not souly about peodophiles jeez what exactly are you raving on about then?

And as to your sarcastic comment about "everyone" working in child abuse/protection, I can only vouch for myself as Im a Psychiatric Nurse and its common knowledge - as in you don't need to be an expert to understand that children are more at risk from people they know, usually family then friends than the mysterious stranger that if you dont believe me.

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