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To think dressing a baby in a babygro isn't trampy or lazy?

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WhatchuTalkinBoutPhyllis Fri 11-Jan-13 15:20:24

Apparently so according to a friends nan.

Because you wouldn't go out in your pj's, so why would you take your baby out in theirs?

Actually I would if I could

wibblyjelly Sat 12-Jan-13 00:20:52

Yanbu, its neither lazy nor trashy.

However, I do dress 3 and a half month old ds in 'day' clothes and use the baby gros for bed time. This is only because I read that it is supposed to help them differentiate between day and night. I don't know if there is any truth in that, but it does seem to have helped ds.

We put him in easy to put on trousers, and I don't think its any more difficult to get him in or out of them compared to baby gros.

GanglyGiraffe Sat 12-Jan-13 00:36:19

I don't care what people dress their babies in as long as they aren't smug about it.

Choosing to dress your baby in a sleep suit doesn't make you better than those that don't, and vice-versa.

monsterchild Sat 12-Jan-13 00:41:26

Ugh, Ds1 is only 2.5 weeks, and I can't be bothered trying to get onesies over his head! he hates it, I hate it and since he pees on everything (he's a great stealth widdler) I have to change his clothes almost every time I change a nappy!
Easier of everyone if he just has one zipper and no leg/feet shoving to do!

elkiedee Sat 12-Jan-13 00:55:43

No, babygros come in such fun designs - I particularly liked black and white animal prints - zebra, dalmatian etc. I was told off by a practice nurse when I took DS1 for jabs. In summer with DS2 (February baby so 4-7 months) I put him in short sleeved poppered vests, sometime with pull on elasticated shorts or trousers sometimes.

ProtegeMoi Sat 12-Jan-13 01:23:31

My daughter wore nothing but baby grows with a cardigan for her first 3 months. Then we went onto occasional leggings and loose top.

At 7 months old she has still never worn jeans or other uncomfortable clothing.

Babies sleep so much and spend a long time lying down. Anything comfy, warm with easy access for nappy changes is a winner.

IneedAsockamnesty Sat 12-Jan-13 02:39:19

All of mine use baby grows up to when they start trying to walk along furniture and from then on footless baby grows or ones with grip dots on the feet or leggings and a vest. All combos if needed have a cardi over the top. at about 18 months/2 years ish I add dungeries and I start considering other types of small people's clothing

Its not trampy its putting comfort above fashion/ social pressure/ materialist pressures and IMHO I think more adults should think about prioritising comfort. But that's just me. It works for my family that may e because I'm not a fan of buying things that are not needed and the baby product market is awash with things it wants you to buy and its way of advertising it tends to make people think there a shite parent if they don't have xyz equipment because apparently you have to have these things your unprepared if you don't and its essential to your baby's well being.

So I choose to not feed it by not buying the stuff that's not needed.

MooseBeTimeForCoffee Sat 12-Jan-13 02:56:38

My DS has just turned 1 and we still use babygros. When its -25 outside, it's much easier to slide him into a snowsuit and he stays all toasty and warm smile

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