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to wear a pair of 6 inch heels while pregnant?

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ditsydoll Fri 11-Jan-13 15:10:30

I have a party next month, its a family do I can't get out of. I'll be about 5 months or so and I have ordered a lively nude maternity dress to wear. It was only £18 on sale.

I can't really afford new shoes atm and all I have are a pair of 6 inch platform heels that I could wear with the dress.

Am I mad to wear them?

Tiiiny Fri 11-Jan-13 15:11:55

I'd say you would be mad to wear them, pregnant or not

KatoPotato Fri 11-Jan-13 15:12:45

Depends how 'heel trained' you are! Although I find I can only walk in my tall heels when I'm drunk...

manicbmc Fri 11-Jan-13 15:14:10

Yes, you'd be daft to wear them.

CailinDana Fri 11-Jan-13 15:16:13

If you're used to wearing them you'll probably be ok. At 5 months you won't be especially big so being pregnant won't make a huge difference unless you're suffering from SPD. If it were me I'd wear them for the first hour or so then go barefoot for the rest of the evening smile

ShakeWellBeforeOpening Fri 11-Jan-13 15:16:51

Yes - at any time !

lynniep Fri 11-Jan-13 15:20:33

I wore high heels when 5 months pregnant. they were about 4" (but not platforms) It wasnt an issue at all.

BluddyNora Fri 11-Jan-13 15:22:29

Wear them if you'd be comfy. I wore some to a wedding when I was similarly pregnant. Just wear them beforehand to check your balance grin

ditsydoll Fri 11-Jan-13 15:28:12

I spent most of my time in heels before I got pregnant. I'm just not one for flats really. I'm only 5ft 1ish I'v worn them loads before I got pregnant so I'm sure ill be fine. My husband thinks I'm mad but ill probably just ignore him smile

FireOverBabylon Fri 11-Jan-13 15:32:24

See how your hips are by then. Even if you don't get full on spd, you might find you can't wear heels as your pregnancy goes on. I used to wear heels, DH is a foot taller than me so I look like I've fallen down a hole in photos if I don't, but had to stop about 5 - 6 months pregnant.

HopAndSkip Fri 11-Jan-13 15:34:29

As long as your bumps not too big (ie. going to be overbalancing you) and you're used to walking in high heals and think theres no chance of you tripping then I guess you could.
But could you not just go to primark or somewhere really cheap and get a pair of nice flat shoes for about a fiver?

maddening Fri 11-Jan-13 15:37:59

Watch out for your back and hips.

If you feel unbalanced then might be safer to go lower - don't have to go totally flat - kitten heels, wedges etc.

I had to go to flats when my feet started swelling - I got spd about 20 weeks and a giant bump that would have been impossible to wear.

After a certain point I didn't care and went for comfort - maternity knickers and flat shoes - it's the height of fashion if you wear them ironically.

maddening Fri 11-Jan-13 15:43:24

It's only that your bump changes your centre of gravity. And lots of ligaments in your back supporting your bump can be pulled.

Also with the relaxin hormone everything is looser and can make it easier to unbalance in heels.

BigShinyBaubles Fri 11-Jan-13 16:01:53

Perhaps you could take some pretty flats with you just in case your feet hurt.

somedayma Fri 11-Jan-13 16:37:20

yanbu if you're used to walking in them!

sleepsforwimps2010 Fri 11-Jan-13 16:37:31

what maddening said...
my balance was rubbish at that point! anything other than flats and id have been face first!
but if your balance is ok its into you!

florilegia Fri 11-Jan-13 16:41:42

I may be being stupid, but what's a lively nude dress?

As regards the shoes, there's no way I could have worn heels like that when pregnant, but then I fall flat on my face regularly while bump-free and wearing flats.

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