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to not understand why strapless wedding dresses are so popular?

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Floogel Fri 11-Jan-13 11:28:45

I just think that on lots of people they are not the most flattering style. Yes they do look great on some people, but I don't get why 99% of the styles are strapless?

lljkk Sat 12-Jan-13 11:33:10

I wore one & looked great <<sticks tongue out>>

I guess it's a social change that many people are increasingly tolerant of fat on show, for better or worse. In spite of low BMI I have many flabby bits I would just as soon cover up -- I was bullied so much as a child, embarrassment sensors in overdrive. Maybe it's healthier to not care what's visible.

Queenmarigold Sat 12-Jan-13 10:00:34

Mine was strapless, but my arms and shoulders are slim and toned. Large boobs just made my waist look smaller and full skirt hid my fat thighs!
My advice- try lots on and see; every bride looks amazing anyway!

Notafoodbabyanymore Sat 12-Jan-13 09:55:17

I had a strapless dress and was curvaceous with big boobs at the time. (Now I'm just fat with big boobs!) I felt like a princess (and I'm not really the princessy type!) and I still love how I look in my photos.

I understand the OP's point and think it's a shame more styles aren't available for those who want them, but those people who are making nasty comments about women looking awful on their wedding days should be ashamed of themselves.

Hobbitation Sat 12-Jan-13 06:41:21

I got married in 2004 and wore one then, as my arms were very toned and I was a 34C so not very busty. The dress had straps originally, but after I had it fitted I hadn't realised the straps were now too long until the day, and ended up tucking them in! I think it's a very noughties look and would find it a bit dated to see someone in a dress like that now.

sashh Sat 12-Jan-13 06:33:53

I think the key is to be honest about your shape and height and dress whatever it is flateringly.

I went to a weddin in the 1980s where the bride wore what was fashionable at the time which was a fitted top with the seams sort of round the edge of your boobs and darts under the boobs.

But the bride didn't have any boobs so the material sort of pooled around her chest.

andrea315 Sat 12-Jan-13 02:44:31

I bought a strapless dress and had straps put on it !!

TheCatInTheHairnet Sat 12-Jan-13 02:09:33

Fluffy, I love that dress!

I got married over 14 years ago and strapless were the trend that came straight after my wedding. Initially, I was all "Oh! Why didn't I think of that?!!" but to be honest, I'm still happy with the dress I chose. Sleeved corset top with long straight skirt, long train and big, F off veil. Very end of 90s though!!

Fluffydressinggown Sat 12-Jan-13 01:17:54

I got married in 2008 and wore a v-neck dress like this

I have been to quite a few weddings in the past five or so years and every bride has worn strapless and they have all looked beautiful! The dresses have not looked the same even though they have the same neckline and they have suited a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

I think what matters is choosing a dress you love, feel comfortable in and that fits you well. I have bigger boobs so I was happier in a v-neck, I felt more supported.

Dfg15 Sat 12-Jan-13 00:34:23

i worked for a while at a venue that did weddings and most of the brides that wore strapless dresses really shouldn't have. They all had back cleavage and looked awful. If they had worn dresses that covered more flesh they could have looked beautiful. Something else I noticed too was that a lot of the larger brides had themed weddings, we had a Dr Who wedding, a Robin Hood one, a gangster casino one and all the brides wore strapless dresses. I'm really not being bitchy here, just making an observation!

fossil971 Sat 12-Jan-13 00:23:02

That's so true about the 1960's. My mum got married in an ivory silk empire line/sheath dress with a lace bodice over and white kitten heels - it wouldn't have looked out of place this year.

I had to make my dress because I wanted a princess line dress and it was the meringue-tastic 1990s - it had a wide neck and tiny cap sleeves. I would not have looked good in strapless, I'm over a foot shorter than DH and you need a continuous line from shoulder to floor to get an impression of height. There is no excusing the crusty Pronuptia plastic-pearl tiara though....

It does come down to availability but if there was more choice brides could have an equally beautiful dress in terms of fabric, trims, style but with just a little more support and choice of shape at the top.

Adversecamber Sat 12-Jan-13 00:22:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Sat 12-Jan-13 00:18:36

I wonder why others care so much about what people chose to wear tbh...does it affect you in any way, shape or form? When I see a bride I just think how happy she looks, I've never looked at a bride and judged her choice of dress/tattoo/boobs blah blah blah. People just like to make themselves feel better by slating others imo.

GregBishopsBottomBitch Sat 12-Jan-13 00:16:15

I seen it on Telly recently, big breasts stuffed into a strapless dress, that just looks awful.

apostropheuse Sat 12-Jan-13 00:07:09


Very few women suit those dresses, but everyone seems to wear them.

Back fat, pasty skin, overflowing breasts, and tattoos, very classy.

I sometimes wonder if bridal shops hypnotise them when the walk through the door so that they see a different image to what everyone else sees.

Oh well surely the fad will eventually end.

BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Fri 11-Jan-13 23:56:29

What a sad thread...I felt like a million dollars in my dress. I'm a size 14, not particularly toned, 36C bust, probably showing some back fat, no tattoo though thank fuck. Makes me look at my wedding pics and feel like a whale now. Ah well,

BrandonFlowersHoHoHo Fri 11-Jan-13 23:56:29

What a sad thread...I felt like a million dollars in my dress. I'm a size 14, not particularly toned, 36C bust, probably showing some back fat, no tattoo though thank fuck. Makes me look at my wedding pics and feel like a whale now. Ah well,

Bumblequeen Fri 11-Jan-13 23:40:20

A few of my female family members married in the 60's. To this day they look beautiful and classy in their photographs. The dresses are not at all what brides would wear today but they are not cringeworthy like the 80's style.

hammyimo Fri 11-Jan-13 23:38:04

I don't think they are popular - certainly when I got married (around 8 years ago) there literally was nothing else available. I wore a shawl around my giant broad shoulders.

Bumblequeen Fri 11-Jan-13 23:36:40

I had a full dress (fitted down to waist) with slim straps. I knew I did not want a strapless dress as I had seen so many brides in them previously I like to be different.

Apart from the small details such as diamonte, pearls, gathering which you can only see if standing right in front of the bride they virtually all look the same.

LibraryMum8 Fri 11-Jan-13 23:24:30

Had to chime in on this one! I got married almost 13 years ago and even then everything was strapless! I was an "older" first time bride, I got married at 36. I was thin but not toned and I never wore strapless anything in my life (just don't have good arms) and certainly wasn't going to wear one on my wedding day!

I found ONE dress that was not strapless short sleeved instead. When I went back to buy it, it was Gone, turned out it was there but on the clearance rack! Apparently no one wanted even the last dress that was not strapless! Thankfully I rescued it and bought it! I truly can't believe this fad has not died out yet.

GregBishopsBottomBitch Fri 11-Jan-13 22:54:27

I think strapless can look nice on bigger women, its really heavy busted women like me, who couldnt get away with them, unless it was well supported.

HouseOfBears Fri 11-Jan-13 22:25:23

Ok, so for those saying anyone who isn't slim shouldn't wear strapless, please enlighten me as to what style dress us unfortunate fatties should actually be wearing?! Trust me, cap sleeves and straps look equally bad on chunky bingo-winged arms and broad shoulders, high neck makes big boobs look horrific, and anything un-corseted is much less flattering around the rest of the body. So whilst there are some beautiful suggestions on this thread, I haven't seen any that would suit anyone larger than a size 10!

ScarletLady02 Fri 11-Jan-13 22:19:49

Thank-you everyone for the lovely comments.

ChaoticintheNewYear Fri 11-Jan-13 21:54:30

Lovely dress tips

I'm a 36DD and wouldn't look good in a high neck either. I can do sleeves but would have to be with something similar to the neckline on the dress that you've linked to.

tipsandtops Fri 11-Jan-13 21:49:37

YANBU. I think a lot of people pick them because they think non-strapless dresses are a bit frumpy, plus the corset-style of strapless dress means you can get a nice figure...from the boobs down. But as everyone has said, then you have the problem of back fat.

I was adamant that I didn't want strapless. The shops had a lot more strapless dresses than everything else, but it wasn't exclusively strapless. High necks and cap sleeves are becoming more and more popular, especially with the higher end designers. This is mine I hope I look as good as she does in it.

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