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selection boxes

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swallowthree Fri 11-Jan-13 10:28:45

To be annoyed that school gave each child a selection box at Christmas, funded by the PTA. No-one else seems bothered. Undermining healthy eating attempts and not the best use of money raised. Or am I just being a killjoy.

ThatArtfulPussy Fri 11-Jan-13 10:31:08

I agree with you that I'd be a bit cheesed off the fundraising money got spent on that. I wouldn't care about the healthy eating aspect though - children should learn everything in moderation is ok, no devil foods - I seriously doubt every child had no sugar apart from the selection box over Christmas.

TantrumsAndBalloons Fri 11-Jan-13 10:33:25

not the best use of money, granted but a nice thought.

In terms of healthy eating, i think it is much more healthy to eat things in moderation and not have "bad foods"

swallowthree Fri 11-Jan-13 10:34:21

Would you say anything to the PTA ? I just feel like a moaning minnie and do appreciate the time and energy everyone puts in and don't want to cause upset. I have put a lot of time in myself though so I should have some say. Agree re no devil foods but think it is up to parents to decide what they give their children and when.

RuleBritannia Fri 11-Jan-13 10:36:44

I would not welcome a selection box. I have a nephew who is alergic to dairy and egg foods so a selection box would be a no no there. What about diabetics as well?

An apple and an orange would have looked better at Christmas and probably have cost less.

ginmakesitallok Fri 11-Jan-13 10:37:14

But it was Christmas!!! YABU

ThatArtfulPussy Fri 11-Jan-13 10:37:18

I wouldn't say anything at this stage no - what's done is done. Maybe attend PTA meetings/get on the committee if you're not already, then you're in a better place to make another suggestion next year.

Do your children never have party bags and eat half of it on the way home? Never get given sweets by relatives? I think a parent who wants to is more than capable of putting selection box in a cupboard and saying you can choose something from it as treat after dinner.

AnnIonicIsoTronic Fri 11-Jan-13 10:40:03

That's a bit weird.

At our school they give each Dc a book for Christmas (with a personalised festive message on a sticker inside the front cover) - which makes a lot more sense.

McNewPants2013 Fri 11-Jan-13 10:40:32

Another PTA bashing.

It just chocolate, if you don't want your DC to have it take it off them. I would have been happy with a selection box no need to find storage.

DC had books, which I regift as they already had them.

LadyBeagleEyes Fri 11-Jan-13 10:41:39

It was Christmas.
Did anybody die?
Thought not.

5dcsinneedofacleaner Fri 11-Jan-13 10:44:03

Our school did this, a father christmas came round and gave each child a selection box. I thought it was lovely. The teacher gave them a book each.
Sometimes OP you just have to be grateful that people bother at all.

swallowthree Fri 11-Jan-13 10:45:15

I would have been happier with a book or something more imaginative than chocolate. But would have preferred it if the school used money raised by the PTA in a way that would more clearly benefit the children. I have done loads for the PTA over the years but now feel that it is not worth making the effort. I'll probably just keep quiet and use my energies elsewhere.

Lafaminute Fri 11-Jan-13 10:46:25

Father Christmas goes around in our school but instead of a selection box each class (of 30-ish pupils) gets a tin of Celebrations or Roses to be distributed at the discretion of the teacher. Less sweets, less cost, same sentiment.

McNewPants2013 Fri 11-Jan-13 10:47:43

But the gift was not for you. Was your DC happy with the gift.

WorraLiberty Fri 11-Jan-13 10:48:09

The only thing that undermines healthy eating is hysteria.

It was Christmas, they got a gift of chocolates.

Is anyone dead yet? hmm

OmgATalkingOnion Fri 11-Jan-13 10:49:56

Healthy eating aspect wouldn't be an issue for me at all.

Bit of a funny thing to spend funds on though I agree.

Allonsy Fri 11-Jan-13 10:50:40


McNewPants2013 Fri 11-Jan-13 10:52:55

The PTA is never going to make everyone happy.

swallowthree Fri 11-Jan-13 10:54:27

Not being hysterical by the way. Just a bit perturbed. No, no-one dead but not really my point.

Startail Fri 11-Jan-13 10:55:56

If it bothers you query it politely with the Chair of the PTA by Email.

I know PTAs who can get all manner of things on trade cards, staff discounts and other contacts

They may not want to reveal their sources as companies get fed up of begging letters.

AmberLeaf Fri 11-Jan-13 10:58:07

YABU and a killjoy yes.

BabsAndTheRu Fri 11-Jan-13 10:58:46

YANBU. It shows a real lack of imagination and the kids get loads of selection boxes they don't need another one, we've got about 8 still in the cupboard. Probably just get through in time for the Easter eggs. I agree with the other posts, a book would have been more appropriate.

BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Fri 11-Jan-13 10:59:15

YABU!! It was christmas and the kids love selection boxes.

Talk bout sucking the joy out of everything hmm

piprabbit Fri 11-Jan-13 11:02:03

I don't think it was very imaginative of the PTA to do selection boxes. I like the idea of books (and you can get some very cheaply from places like the Book People), or a drawing pad and some pencils/crayons would be good.

swallowthree Fri 11-Jan-13 11:05:49

It is also about context. This is coming from school and schools are supposed to be promoting healthy eating. Just undermines all of that. I am not saying children shouldn't ever have chocolate or selection boxes - we bought them for Christmas - just they shouldn't come from school funded by the PTA. My problem with raising this is getting just the sort of reaction I have had some of the posts above and whether it is worth the hassle.

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