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to think MN shouldn't support boots co-advertising newborn bottle sets and "follow on" milk

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ICBINEG Thu 10-Jan-13 12:30:00

when there's a national campaign on to promote BF?

Presumably this advert passes the letter of the law regarding the non-advertising/non-special offers on formula for new born's but it defies the spirit in every way possible.

AIBU to expect a little more social responsibility from MN?

ledkr Fri 11-Jan-13 16:25:11

<grabs pickles in a headlock and drags her off this thread>

Nice to see this thread is a bit more balanced than last night when quite frankly it became shocking.

Dh asked me about the thread as it was obvious it was emotive by my head shaking and eye rolling.
When I tried to explain he was truly shocked and couldn't believe women could be so bothered by it. The way he saw it if you fed and love it then hey ho if you didn't for whatever reason then up to the individual.

I don't think anyone disputes its best to breast feed but people who don't or can't feed don't need the guilt trip because although breast milk is beneficial ff isnt exactly poisonous and some of us simply have no choice.

Two of the 3 I breast fed now smoke and flaming drink so undid all my hard work anyway grin

ledkr Fri 11-Jan-13 16:25:46

Or even grin

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