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to not believe that the DSS would investigate a benefits claimant for anything other than someone reporting them?

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MoodyDidIt Thu 10-Jan-13 10:38:18

my BF is is a single parent and has had a letter today saying she has got to visit the jobcentre, as there is some sort of "query" with her benefits. they have been suspended until after her visit and she is very worried and upset.

she has nothing to worry about because as far as she is concerned she hasn't done anything wrong (ie no cash in hand working or dp living with her) but obviously it will affect her financially while its being investigated.

she doesn't believe anyone would report her, but i think she's being a bit naive and i think someone probably has, and if i was her i would be very concerned that i probably couldn't trust someone in my life. hmm i have been in a similar situation a few years ago when i was a single mum, and there was no way that it could have come from anything other than someone maliciously reporting me. (i should add i had done nothing wrong either, and nothing came of my investigation)

but surely they would not just randomly pick people out of their records to investigate for no reason? i wouldn't think they have the time or the resources to do this?

Jopo115 Thu 14-Feb-13 11:53:32

But know I have to fill form in and put all my late fathers details down . So doing a good deed and paying off my dads debts e.g the home bill and government bodies . Effects me and putting money into my son Isis( hence only over the £1,000 threshold ) over these years for his future .

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