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To be a bit miffed that no one has remembered our anniversary?

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phantomhairpuller Wed 09-Jan-13 17:33:48

We only got married 3 years ago! Out of 100 odd guests, only 2 have wished us happy anniversary!! None of our parents have mentioned it, nor the best man/bridesmaids.
DH thinks I'm being daft but I can't help but feel a bit miffed hmm

Fakebook Wed 09-Jan-13 17:49:06

Yabu. Your anniversary is only special to you and your DH because that's the day you were joined in matrimony. A big majority of your 100 guests that day only came for the free food and booze. Sad but true. Get over it.

vintagewarrior Wed 09-Jan-13 17:49:19

Shock! Horror! The world doesn't revolve around you.
Who sends anniversary cards anymore?

MrsBrrrr Wed 09-Jan-13 17:49:58

I agree with your DH, OP, you are being a wee bit daft. It only matters to the two of you.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Wed 09-Jan-13 17:51:57

Happy anniversary, it's a shame you feel slighted, is it the time of year do you think and people are still getting over the holidays? Do you remember other people's significant dates? Maybe adjust expectations next year.

TheCountessOlenska Wed 09-Jan-13 17:53:06

Oh come on! YABU!

sunnysunnyshine Wed 09-Jan-13 17:53:24


Hullygully Wed 09-Jan-13 17:54:22

This is sad but true:

No one gives a shit about your anniversary

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, just want to save you time and anguish.

Jins Wed 09-Jan-13 17:54:25

I'm sorry to tell you but it's a completely meaningless occasion to the majority of your friends. They probably enjoyed your wedding though

Do you send anniversary cards to all your friends?

DonderandBlitzen Wed 09-Jan-13 17:55:00

I've never expected anyone to remember my anniversary other than my husband and have never remembered anyone else's.

VariousBartimaeus Wed 09-Jan-13 17:55:42

Wow never crossed my mind to remember other peoples anniversary! Yabu

valiumredhead Wed 09-Jan-13 17:56:56

Wouldn't occur to me to remember anyone else's anniversary - do people really do that?! I just about remember our own!

valiumredhead Wed 09-Jan-13 17:57:15

And what hully said grin

Osmiornica Wed 09-Jan-13 17:57:28

YABU. I have a friend who always sends us an anniversary card. I find it sweet but unecessary. I don't send them to anyone else and don't know of anyone who does either. It's normally just something the couple celebrate isn't it?

PeazlyPops Wed 09-Jan-13 17:58:17

YABU. No-one cares!

CloudsAndTrees Wed 09-Jan-13 17:58:19

Yabu. Anniversaries are for the couple to remember and their grown up children only.

Other people will buy you a card and congratulate you when you throw a party to celebrate a significant anniversary, such as your 25th.

Gintonic Wed 09-Jan-13 17:58:28

YABU. My friends are lucky if I can remember their birthdays, I'm not going to start sending anniversary cards too.

mercibucket Wed 09-Jan-13 17:59:10

Is this thread sponsored by hallmark?

mercibucket Wed 09-Jan-13 17:59:11

Is this thread sponsored by hallmark?

phantomhairpuller Wed 09-Jan-13 17:59:58

Ok ok I get the message! I'm being hugely unreasonable it seems! Thanks all grin

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Wed 09-Jan-13 18:00:24

Think of the environment grin

My parents sent us a card this year, which was nice but not really necessary. Otherwise we just sent cards to each other.

Pizdets Wed 09-Jan-13 18:03:00

Oooh, snap! We got married 3 years ago today - how did you cope with the snow? I'm afraid I do think you're B a bit U - I tend to judge people by my own standards and I'm awful with this stuff, I don't remember anyone else's!

(although as per pp I did put a little note on Facebook to thank our guests for making so much effort in all the snow 3 years ago and have had some lovely messages back!)


somuchslimmernow Wed 09-Jan-13 18:08:00

Agree with eveyone else. It is our silver this year, we are going away for the weekend, just us (and the kids) its our celebration, no one elses.

YouOldSlag Wed 09-Jan-13 18:09:35

OK, so you've realised YABU. But really you should only ever be miffed if your DH forgets.

We get a card off our Mums but we wouldn't mind if they forgot.

Dawndonna Wed 09-Jan-13 18:10:00

Sat in a cafe a few years back and dh asked when our anniversary was. I thought a bit and said, Oh, last Sunday, sorry.

We forgot last year, too. Been together twenty years. Just doesn't matter, fact is, we're still here and getting on with it, together.

racingheart Wed 09-Jan-13 18:13:13

TBH it would never occur to me that anyone would remember our anniversary. DH used to mock me because I forgot it and he never did. Not even my mum has ever remembered it and she organised the wedding.

Let people make a fuss of your silver, gold and ruby weddings. The rest are private celebrations.

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