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To ask your experiences (good and bad) with a company called venture photography

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therewearethen Wed 09-Jan-13 14:43:46

Had a voucher for Xmas to use at venture photography. It states "your venture pack entitles you to a £245 venture experience that will bring you and your family a lifetime of pleasure" sounds ok but then there's the T&C's

The studio photo shoot is valued at £150
The complimentary framed image from your photoshoot will be a 7" x 5" worth £98
At the time of booking, you will be asked to provide debit/credit card details to secure your booking.

I'm 38wks pregnant and the expiry date on the voucher is a few wks after my due date. I know I sound really ungrateful but I'm not a fan of having my photo taken and so quickly after birth I think I'll feel even more insecure and uncomfortable than normal. It states in the T & C that the whole family have to be included otherwise I'd just get the kids done.

The part about card details unnerves me slightly and we're skint! I really don't want to turn up and be pressurised into buying more photos that we simply can't afford.

So does anyone have any experience of venture?

Porkster Thu 10-Jan-13 00:05:31

The photos are the definition of naff and Venture will try very, very hard to rip you off.

Tallalime Thu 10-Jan-13 00:16:09

I was given this exact package -PIL were given it when they bought a car and gave it to us - yes, the whole family did have to get involved. At first I was dubious as both DH and I hate having our photo taken.

We did it though, our photographer was actually really nice. He spent 10 mins taking 'family' pics and the rest of the time did pictures of just DD, who LOVES having her picture taken and had a whale of a time.

They did put the hard sell on us at the viewing but since there wasn't a snowflakes chance in hell we could afford anything it was a pointless endeavor on their part and I took pictures of all the photo's on my phone as they did the show sneaky like, so I have them all we ended up with a lovely photo of DD and it was free.

So while I wouldn't pay for them if you know you are strong enough to refuse to buy anything else and can put up with a few pictures of yourself being taken you should at least get a nice photo of your newborn out of them.

mummyplonk Thu 10-Jan-13 00:21:00

They are overpriced..but most I have seen are nice photos from there, if you have time I guess look for a local photographer. There are so many talented people trying to start a business now, it's really worth just asking their prices.

MrsMelons Thu 10-Jan-13 08:33:07

We have been 3 times, once we knew we were going to spend a lot on a big piece for the lounge (£1100 shock) but the other time we got free vouchers.

The time we were given vouchers we made a decision we would have the free photo plus 1 other the same size so around £100/150. We stuck to that.

The photos we have are really really lovely but it is so so expensive. The people we saw were not pushy but when you are seeing all these lovely pictures it is hard not to be tempted.

My friend was in a similar situation re the expiry date as she had also just given birth but they agreed to extend it for her - have you asked them?

freddiefrog Thu 10-Jan-13 08:38:30

We were given a voucher too and got a really nice photo.

I think they're ok if you can be all hard-ass with them, I've never experienced a hard-sell like it but I stuck to my guns, didn't take any money/bank cards to the photo viewing and came out with the 1 free photo. They really tried it on though

FobblyWoof Thu 10-Jan-13 08:46:38

I got the same offer as you OP, but they signed me up at a shopping centre.

We had the photoshoot and left with just the free picture. There wasn't a hard sell for us. They do try and get you with the emotional crap but we had a really positive experience with them. plus I wanted some pictures where my spots were photoshopped out!

trixymalixy Thu 10-Jan-13 08:51:04

I have a lovely picture of DS from them. My Mum won a photoshooot and we all went. The pictures of all of us were pretty rubbish but there was one amazing one of DS. The price was ridiculous. I managed to talk the guy into selling it at a massively reduced price, about the same as you would have spent at a normal photographer.

I now think it's a bit naff unfortunately, but still a lovely picture.

MumWithCamera Thu 10-Jan-13 13:13:28

I don't often feel like I have anything useful to add to threads but in this instance I couldn't not speak up! angry

I am a mum and a photographer. I do family photography.

I am by no means alone in the photography industry in thinking that Venture are giving photographers a bad name and making all our jobs more difficult.

Because of the combination of hard sell and their prices, customers repeatedly come away with a terrible experience. Can you think of any non-photography sales situation where you would willingly put yourself through a hard-sell situation? I despair that it has become so successful for them (£££ of course!) that so many mums think it is the "norm" for photography angry

Professional photography should be a joy from beginning to end - that is what I aim for, and I get feedback from each and every client - and so far, touch wood, they are 100% satisfied from start to finish. Indeed they loved the photography and loved the sales session - because I asked them pre-shoot what they were aiming for (eg, a canvas for the wall, a present for grandma etc). tailored the shoot to this and didn't push anything - only suggested what seemed right for their home, their style and their budget.

Another point that someone mentioned I'd like to pick up on - Venture only do the white-background same-style-for-everyone. Because we've all seen this in people's homes everywhere we are brainwashed into thinking that's the 'correct' way to do it. I wouldn't personally want a white-background photo of me and my family on my wall, but some people do love it. Just like you wouldn't all want the same piece of art on the wall - it's not a one-size-fits all kinda thing..!

I give clients the choice, and the vast majority want to do outdoor shoots - walk in the country, natural relaxed posing with the family in beautiful suroundings, or non-posed shots of children interacting framed in an artistic manner with beautiful natural lighting, sunset etc. smile Just be aware you do have a choice.. you just need to find the right photographer to suit your style.

When choosing a local photographer go with your instincts. Look at their portfolio (there should be a good range on their website), look at how long they have been working, look for testimonials/recommendations, and look for someone that suits your style.

Sorry for the rant, but MAKING MUMS HAPPY with photography is very close to my heart!! That's why I do my job!

And no.. I don't make much money I do it because I love it and it brings so much joy smile

HecatePropolos Thu 10-Jan-13 13:16:58

don't touch them with a bargepole!

Ridiculously expensive. high pressure sales tactics and trying to make you feel like you hate your children if you don't pay at least a thousand pounds for pictures.

There are some fantastic photographers out there. Pick one of them.

smileyfacestar Thu 10-Jan-13 19:43:32

Do not get involved with Venture! They insist on the whole family being in the pictures and attending viewings. They make you tour their studio and listen to their spiel and get huffy when they don't have your full attention because the baby is irritable after an hour long photo shoot. They will harass you by phone and accuse you of wasting their time if you refuse to return for the so called free picture because of said harassment.

StinkyWicket Thu 10-Jan-13 19:55:02

AmandinePoulain that was me, they airbrushed out my baby's birthmark. The manager sorted it and was very apologetic and to be fair I love the pictures we have.


Very very very very hardsell. We ended up taking a loan for about £1000 to get one of their large portraits done (it has about 9 photos in it) which we only paid off last year.

I do like the photos but definitely wouldn't do it again!

smileyfacestar Thu 10-Jan-13 19:56:29

Do not get involved with Venture! They insist on the whole family being in the pictures and attending viewings. They make you tour their studio and listen to their spiel and get huffy when they don't have your full attention because the baby is irritable after an hour long photo shoot. They will harass you by phone and accuse you of wasting their time if you refuse to return for the so called free picture because of said harassment.

Pandemoniaa Thu 10-Jan-13 20:07:12

I'd avoid them like the plague, tbh. Their over-processed style of "relaxed" photography is very dated and the hard sell has to be seen to be believed. I have a friend who could afford their prices and even she was taken aback by their methods. In particular, their refusal to allow her to view the images without her husband being present and the appalling emotional strings they pull (your pictures will be destroyed) in order to get a sale.

It did them no good at all because had Venture behaved sensibly, she and her dh were happy to spend several hunded pounds on family portraits anyway.

I advise you to look for a well recommended, local, professional photographer and quietly "lose" this voucher. The grief you'll go through is simply not worth it for the results you'll get.

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