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If your friend wanted to call their daughter Lily

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Vagaceratops Tue 08-Jan-13 22:16:47

(totally outing myself here but ho hum)

And they thought that the spelling Lille was really nice, would you point out that that is a place in France and the pronunciation was different?

Or would you leave it and let them find out on their own?

catgirl1976 Tue 08-Jan-13 22:43:15

I'd tell them

But subtlely

Welovecouscous Tue 08-Jan-13 22:47:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ImperialBlether Tue 08-Jan-13 22:50:57

Lille T Surname is my suggestion.

Tell her if she wants her child to not have to explain her name every time she has to say it, to go ahead. Otherwise she should spell it the proper way: Lily.

Arrgh can't stand people who make up the spellings of their children's names - to me, it just indicates they have an illiterate parent.

PetiteRaleuse Tue 08-Jan-13 22:58:52

I would be cruel to be kind and tell them that if ever she grew up and wanted to spend any length of time in France she would very much have the piss taken and also have to deal with mispronunciation of her name on a daily basis.

gimmecakeandcandy Tue 08-Jan-13 23:00:32

What a stupid way to spell Lily. Tell her!

gimmecakeandcandy Tue 08-Jan-13 23:01:13

Totally agree with imperial

skinnywhippet Tue 08-Jan-13 23:09:04

Oh it really annoys me when people change the spellings of perfectly good traditional names. Sometimes it works, but doing it for the sake of being different it silly. Exception is if you are from a different culture eg Matthais instead of Matthew, can't think of others off the top of my head.

larks35 Tue 08-Jan-13 23:11:00

As a teacher they are condeming her to a being called "Lill" especially at Secondary school where we see many groups and don't get to know each child individually.

Having a problem at the moment with a number of boys in different groups with the name spelt Louis but some are pronounced Loo-ee (my default assumption) and others Lewis (why not spell it that way then!!), fortunately they all forgive my errors.

HenryCrun Tue 08-Jan-13 23:12:01

I would do anything to stop them calling their kid a name with a not-immediately-obvious spelling. Mine has a not-immediately-obvious spelling and it has caused me no end of woe, everywhere I have gone.

Trills Tue 08-Jan-13 23:13:40

It would not be unreasonable to point out that you need either a Y or an IE or an EE to make it end in the desired "ee" sound.

WillowFae Tue 08-Jan-13 23:27:34

Two of the women who were found shot in America the other day were twins called Rebeika and Kayetie.

I never know if parents genuinely don't know how to spell names or if they think it is clever and cool.

3smellysocks Tue 08-Jan-13 23:38:58

the fact it is a place doesn't bother me but the constant mispronunciation would.

3smellysocks Tue 08-Jan-13 23:40:43

can you just text and suggest lillie to help with pronunciation?

MustTidyPlayroom Tue 08-Jan-13 23:42:53

Lille also do a nice range of incontinence products!

PureQuintessence Tue 08-Jan-13 23:44:51

Oh yes, you must alert her to those! Poor little girl, associated with incontinence rather than innocence!

MollyMurphy Tue 08-Jan-13 23:45:12

I would never have thought to pronounce their spelling as I'd consider pointing it out in a very polite manner that completely supports their odd choice if they go about spelling however they wish.

Redbindy Tue 08-Jan-13 23:46:35

Let them do it,then point it out when it's too late to change.

tiredteddy Tue 08-Jan-13 23:47:59

Def point it out if you are feeling brave. I taught a little girl called "Elle" pronounced Ellie or Elly. Everyone got it wring all the time.

tiredteddy Tue 08-Jan-13 23:48:13


MustTidyPlayroom Tue 08-Jan-13 23:48:20

It doesn't seem to bother people who wear Hollister though - I often have the urge to point out that they are advertising catheters.

DoodlesNoodles Tue 08-Jan-13 23:50:22

it would be sooooo wrong

Good spot mustcleantheplayroom

Lindsay321 Tue 08-Jan-13 23:51:47

Horrible OP,

God forbid anyone should give their child a name/spelling you don't like.

Don't send them a text or email, tell them to their face. I doubt you'll have any occasion thereafter to spell or pronounce the child's name again.

Problem solved.

blackeyedsusan Wed 09-Jan-13 00:13:42

why horrible? is it not worse to let them call her afterr an incontinence pad?
tell her gently op. say you were googling to find famous lilles ..

CailinDana Wed 09-Jan-13 00:15:13

Lindsay you do realise that Lille is pronounced "Leel"? It's not a case of thre op not liking the spelling, the spelling is actually wrong.

DoodlesNoodles Wed 09-Jan-13 00:20:39

Ahhhh, yes, a good friend would say nothing and let you name your DD after an incontinence pad. hmm

It really would be horrible to warn her confused !!!!

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