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To just give up, sleep on the floor and let the dog have the bed

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MmeLindor Mon 07-Jan-13 23:42:50

She manages to plant herself right in the middle of the bed, no matter how often I move her.

Sometimes I wake with 2 kids and a dog taking up all the space while I cling to the side of the mattress, my arse a block of ice.

Tortoise Tue 08-Jan-13 22:47:54

I share my bed with my jack russell and sometimes my greyhound sneaks in.
I wake up with no space as currently have just a single mattress on the floor as my sofa bed broke.

BehindLockNumberNine Tue 08-Jan-13 22:58:18

Whippetyboy loves snuggeling up in bed with us - he will hop in once dh has got up and scrabble about until the is under the duvet with his head on dh's pillow.

No poo crumbs here AF, and no slobber, nor fur. He is barely even a real dog! grin

Labradorwhisperer Wed 09-Jan-13 09:18:43

We recently away with OH and big dog to a dog friendly country hotel for a night, left pup with family, because we wanted to walk the legs off the big dog the next day and that wouldn't be good for 9 month old lab pup.

Big dog has been a bit reserved since pup arrived. They love each other, but big dog is a sweetheart who has never wanted to be the boss and doesn't stand up to the puppy when he demands our sole attention. So we missed time with the big dog and wanted to make him feel special (yup, we're saps).

The hotel room had a single bed and a double bed. We checked it was ok and decided to let big dog sleep on the bed with us - a rare treat for him.

By 2am, OH had given up on getting any space at all on the double bed and so had claimed the single, and I had a strip of around 6 inches of mattress on the double to sleep on!

SuzySuzSuz Wed 09-Jan-13 11:39:09

Set of dog rules found a while ago on Pinterest - had sent to my Mum but seems she's not the only one!

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