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AIBU not to treat my daughters hair?

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suecy Sat 05-Jan-13 10:12:46

Luckily have got to 10 and 8.5 without any experience of headlice, so am a novice!

DS complaining of itchy head, examined and found some lice and eggs,so treated him last night, all sorted - hopefully!

Combed and examined DDs hair and found nothing obvious - do I treat her or not? Do we all need to be treated? Should I be washing all bedding etc? Am I being a little paranoid?

Have washed all of DS's bedding, dressing gown etc and will re-comb him in a week as precaution.


meditrina Sat 05-Jan-13 11:46:18

Some lice are pesticide resistant, so I'd go the combing route, and I would smother every head with conditioner and comb with a nitty gritty every two or three days for a couple of weeks (getting the hatchlings from any missed eggs as they emerge, before they are mature enough to start breeding). Then I'd make combing a weekly routine.

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