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To be annoyed with cleaner in John Lewis?

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Tralalalaha Thu 03-Jan-13 21:42:21

Went out with 21 month old DS in a back carrier to buy some new shoes in the sales. Got to JL and realised as I took him out to get his feet measured that he'd done a mahousive wee and was sopping from waist to knee (as indeed was my back). So nipped over to kids wear, bought some lovely trousers in the sale and sprinted into the changing room bit to sort him out. Both changing mats were in use by little teeny babies, the BF and bottle feeding rooms were in use and I didn't think anyone wanted to see a nappy change while feeding, but there's a big lobby bit so I thought for a quick whip and wipe, I'd just kneel on the floor and rest him on my bag.

I'll say now that DS never ever wees on me during nappy changes, so I was a bit surprised and horrified when he started peeing like a horse and grabbed a cloth out of my bag to put over his winky while jokingly saying 'naughty boy DS'. All of a sudden someone starts shouting at me, and I look over my shoulder (while mopping up DS and the floor) to see a cleaner looking pretty angry. She was shouting and saying why didn't I use one of the mats, so I said they were busy, then she said why didn't I use the table in the disabled loos. I hadn't spotted it to be honest, but wouldn't have taken up a disabled loo just to change a nappy anyway, then she told me I should have waited for a mat to be free. Leaving aside the fact that the little babies on those mats were still being changed when this was all over and I was leaving, poor DS was sopping wet and I didn't want to hang around with him in soggy clothing. I said as much, and then got a bit peppy and asked her if there were any of my other parenting choices she'd like to question and she stalked off muttering about mopping the floor and I finished up DS, wiped the floor with antibacterial wipes and left in a bit of a fricking snit actually.

So, AIBU to be peed off if you'll forgive the pun, or was she perfectly within her rights to be annoyed at the pee on the floor?

sausagesandwich34 Thu 03-Jan-13 21:58:09


cleaners in the shopping centers where I have worked use the toilet brush to clean the loo, wipe the seats and that's pretty much it

any 'major incidents' an outside crew are called in to deal with it

they are not allowed to deal with blocked toilets etc

RyleDup Thu 03-Jan-13 21:58:27

Parenting choices? To allow your child to pee all over the floor for someone else to clear up? YABU. Here, have a biscuit and wait for a change mat to be free in future.

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Thu 03-Jan-13 21:58:46

And in John Lewis of all places!

<clutches pearls>


hermioneweasley Thu 03-Jan-13 21:58:49

YABU for all the reasons people have given

Welcome to MN!

lovelyladuree Thu 03-Jan-13 21:58:49

YWBVU. A few minutes would have made no difference. Poor cleaner.

Binkybix Thu 03-Jan-13 21:59:07

I would have thought this as gross if I saw you do this in a shop. Why not just wait a little bit longer?

JamieandtheMagiTorch Thu 03-Jan-13 22:01:03

OTOH, no-one should shout at anyone

uptheamp Thu 03-Jan-13 22:01:07

i would forget about it now op, you will get lots of yabu posts on here but these things happen. no use in post match analysis imo.

sometime the shit literally does hit the fan grin have some tea and try to forget it

CloudsAndTrees Thu 03-Jan-13 22:01:51

YABVU. You should have waited until you were in the area that was deigned to take stray wee when neccesary.

Can you really not understand why the cleaner was annoyed? She's the one that now has to deal with your child's urine because you couldn't be bothered to wait a couple of minutes.

EuroShagmore Thu 03-Jan-13 22:01:51

YABU. I wouldn't have liked to see it as a customer. Why couldn't you have just waited a few minutes for a changing mat?

EasilyBored Thu 03-Jan-13 22:02:20

You let your child piss all over the floor in a corridor, and then thought it was unreasonable that the cleaner wasn't very happy about having mop up piss?

Blatherskite Thu 03-Jan-13 22:02:53


SparklingSnow Thu 03-Jan-13 22:03:30

YABU. Why couldn't you wait a bit longer for a changing mat to be free? You can't go around changing nappies in shops, especially in front of people. The cleaner was quite right to be annoyed with what you did!

CoolaYuleA Thu 03-Jan-13 22:04:01

Have to agree with apostropheuse that it seems a bit weird that he was wet "from waist to knee" - particularly as he then peed as you took his nappy off.

How long had he been in the nappy to fill it, overflow it so he was absolutely drenched to the knee, and then peed again as you took it off??

(Also since when did a full lower half change, generally involving a blooming good wipe down to remove all the leaked pee constitute a "quick whip and wipe"??)

TandB Thu 03-Jan-13 22:04:26


You could easily have waited. He's not a teeny baby where there might be an argument about getting him out of wet clothes asap.

You should have apologised gracefully, not made irrelevant comments about "parenting choices."

Your baby weeing on the floor isn't down to parenting choices - it's down to a single bad decision.

Tralalalaha Thu 03-Jan-13 22:06:29

Oh dear. Glad I didn't complain then if I'm being that unreasonable.

DS was in a cloth nappy, and sadly he does huge wees at the moment, so often floods them. Didn't think I was going to be long, or I'd have put him in a disposable. He was fine wet until I took him out of the carrier because he was warm against my back. He was cold once he was out and not happy about it. The wee was contained in the cloth and on my bag. The floor was wet for about a minute, we were in a corner of a massive lobby area by the changing mats and there isn't the slightest chance anyone could have slipped. Moreover it's a changing room - I presume bodily fluids are kind of part of the job? I know she had to mop, but I'm guessing/hoping that happens fairly regularly anyway. I don't see how changing DS in a corner of a changing area is ruder than changing him in a feeding area? Next time I'll sling him down on the table in the breast feeding room and see how that goes down. Wouldn't bother me but apparently I'm desensitised to wee...

Hands up to winky - wasn't sure if penis was going to get auto-censored.

Tralalalaha Thu 03-Jan-13 22:08:07

Ah, th lobby area was not in the shop. It was part of the loos. I might agree if I'd changed him in the middle of electrical goods, but it was a tiled floor with a nappy bin on it.

NotOnTheBeach Thu 03-Jan-13 22:09:08

The whole thing.

apostropheuse Thu 03-Jan-13 22:09:28

I'm now wondering how/if you managed to clean yourself!

ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 03-Jan-13 22:09:38

No auto fucking censoring on MN, cherub.


TandB Thu 03-Jan-13 22:10:35

"Next time I'll sling him down on the table in the breast feeding room and see how that goes down."

Probably absolutely fine. hmm

Or how about just wait for a changing table to become available? I've had to wait before - it's just one of those things.

Might also be worth getting a folding mat for emergencies.

LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance Thu 03-Jan-13 22:10:45

So clearly, despite the almost universal YABU, you still think you weren't.

So why bother asking if you only want people to agree with you? hmm

gordyslovesheep Thu 03-Jan-13 22:11:48

John Lewis sell roll up changing mats one x

PimpMyHippo Thu 03-Jan-13 22:12:30

Auto censored? Did you read anything on MN before posting? grin

Tralalalaha Thu 03-Jan-13 22:13:06

It's just a bit of wee? Seriously, you all have kids I assume, how upset do you get about wee?

Obviously I have become far too desensitised to wee. Mental note not to tell this anecdote at work.

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