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To start a thread about mild irritations that make you growly?

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AreYouADurtBirdOrALadyBird Thu 03-Jan-13 16:33:48

Dh has a habit of splashing water all over the counter when he gets a glass of water because he puts the tap on too fast. He wipes it but its still dampish. It really bloody annoys me.
So does him taking off his heavy shoes and leaving them in them in the middle of the bedroom floor,which I usually trip over them.

Anyone else unreasonably irritated?

HollyTheHedgehog Thu 03-Jan-13 21:00:02

I was thinking about starting a thread like this earlier.

My DP is great but little things do bug me.

He leaves all cupboard doors open 1-2 inches. WHY?

When starting a new margarine he'll pull back the gold foil slightly and put it back rather than just taking it off and putting it in the bastard bin!

He'll not wash his hands after usinv the toilet. If I point it out, he'll dip his finger tips under the water. That REALLY pisses me off.

He'll leave the TV on all night. (He sleeps downstairs to get a full nights sleep while im sorting out the baby) but he'll claim he 'just turned it on' if I mention t at 5am or 3am

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