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to think DH should know what money is in his bank account?

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PaellaUmbrella Thu 03-Jan-13 09:26:30

Background - I am a SAHM, planned to go back to work either when DD starts pre-school or earlier if we needed me to financially. We moved house last year and at that point, DH set up all the bills from his account as obviously he is paying them for the time being (we don't have a joint account.)

I have trusted that he knows exactly what is going in and coming out of his account each month - I have child benefit and tax credits paid into mine, and always know pretty much to the penny what's in there. Assumed he was the same with his.

Over the past couple of months he's mentioned that things are a bit tight and that we'd have to review it all this year (ie. think about me going back to work - not my ideal choice but hey ho, if I have to, I have to.)

Anyway. Yesterday, he informs me that he has no money left for the rest of January. There are still a couple of direct debits to leave his account, plus the money we need for food and petrol, so all in all, we're a few hundred short. Now, as part of this, he also informs me that he's had to pay £60 to a friend for a stag do later in the year (hotel that's been booked or something.) He claims that it's come as a complete surprise that there's no money left.

So - AIBU to think that he should have known in advance that we were going to be short? And therefore not have been paying out stag do money when we've literally not got enough money for essentials this month? He says he owed his friend the money and so had "no option".
This has obviously arisen from the expense of Xmas, things are often tight but not short like this, but again I feel he should have been on top of the finances - if I'd been aware, we could have curtailed spending last month.

BackforGood Thu 03-Jan-13 18:54:44

I think the only people who can be excused not knowing (approx) how much money is in their a/c, are those fortunate few who can readily spend a few hundred extra one month, and know it won't take them overdrawn. For most young families, who don't have hundreds 'spare' at the end of the month, then it is very important that someone "keeps an eye" on things.
I'm not sure why it should be dh though - surely, as a family, your finances should be joint ?

StuntGirl Thu 03-Jan-13 19:18:31

Bollocks whois. I have much more coming in and much more going out and I manage to keep track just fine. It's called being responsible with money. Finding yourself a little short? Forget about a direct debit? It happens. Finding yourself unable to pay essential bills? Prioritising a stag do over essential bills? Utterly irresponsible and idiotic.

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