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aibu or is my house mate?

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raspberrypeachtea Wed 02-Jan-13 18:48:13

There was 5 of us that live in one house. We decided to go for drinks last night and when we got house we ordered pizza.

I then remembered that I had left a bag of food shopping in my car, I ran out to get it came back in and quickly put the things that needed to go in the fridge away. They'd already started eating the pizza so I left the rest of the shopping by the sofa and quickly grabbed a slice whilst there was actually some left.

I of course forgot about the one bag of shopping. Woke up this morning ridiculously late for work, literally don't even have time for a quick coffee.

I come home and see that the shopping bag of food has been moved and placed on the floor right next to the bin.

We had a house meeting tonight to discuss a bill, and then it was said does anyone else have anything they want to say - I mentioned that I'd come home and found my bag of food left next to the bin and could whoever did it just not touch my things and especially place them next to a bin.

The girl who it was has since fallen out with me.

She comes storming into my room to tell me how angry she is. Because I shouldn't have brought it up in front of everyone as I knew it was her that did it. (Yes I had my suspicions that it was her but I wasn't 100% sure)

And that everyone else unpacks their shopping straight away and I was making the place look untidy and cluttered.

Seriously it was one bag left next to the sofa by mistake which hadn't even been there for a day and would have been unpacked as soon as I got home from work. Where as she's acting as if I've just done a months shop and left all the bags littered around the living room for weeks.

I know it's petty but it's pissed me off and I can hear her slagging me off the minute I left the room.

Aibu or is she?

MrsPotato Wed 02-Jan-13 19:54:53

I used to live with my 5 best friends.

A row over washing up resulted in someone writing a message on the fridge with colourful magnetic letters accusing one of the others of being a Nazi.

Everything's fine now we don't live together any more smile

BoneyBackJefferson Wed 02-Jan-13 20:08:39

You do know that this would not have been an issue if you had put the shopping away.

Paiviaso Wed 02-Jan-13 21:34:00

You've both massively overreacted. House shares do that to you I think.

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