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to think sleeping with open windows in January is only Right And Proper?

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RevoltingPeasant Tue 01-Jan-13 22:18:28

Seriously, surely this is normal? DH just made his 'pained face' when I popped up to air the bedroom prior to retiring. Over Christmas I opened all the windows in my mum's and PILs' insanely overheated windows before going to sleep. I almost always have open windows to get fresh air whilst we sleep.

I don't know how anyone can sleep in a stuffy room with the windows shut all day and all night! DH keeps saying 'But it's December'. Apart from the fact that it's now January, isn't he BU??

CoteDAzur Sat 05-Jan-13 16:17:24

Of course I rince the dishes. I'd rather the detergent doesn't stay on them, to be eaten up next time those dishes are used.

Bunbaker Fri 04-Jan-13 11:38:04

to get the soapy water off.

Perhaps you use too much soap. I use soap in the bath to wash essential areas, but not on every inch of my skin as it simply doesn't need it.

Do you rinse your dishes? No
Do you empty your bath and then refill it to rinse? No, the water isn't soapy or dirty.
How about your hair, how do you wash it properly? I can't seem to get the shampoo out when I was stuck with a bath. I don't wash my hair in the bath, I do it in the shower.

Alisvolatpropiis Fri 04-Jan-13 02:52:23


I feel the cold terribly and would be very unimpressed if bedroom windows were opened now!

mathanxiety Fri 04-Jan-13 02:43:28

Dad put in a shower with an electric pump some time in the 70s in our house in Dublin. He liked a lot of new technology and was quite handy so it was a task he enjoyed. He tried in vain to get mum interested in a microwave but she wouldn't let him buy one. She returned home from visiting me after the birth of DD1 to find he had installed one in the kitchen and was very pleased with himself. She generally uses it for storing eggs.

cumfy Fri 04-Jan-13 02:25:29

YANBU, 15 tog duvets were invented before windows.


deleted203 Fri 04-Jan-13 01:35:43

Are you mad, woman! Flinging windows open in January? (I am assuming you live in UK). I am on your DH's side I'm afraid and would have to strangle you if you opened bedroom windows in my house. grin. I'm ALWAYS bloody cold.

skullcandy Fri 04-Jan-13 01:33:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ComposHat Fri 04-Jan-13 01:19:17

Yep at least three rental properties I've lived in have lacked a shower, we had those rubber tap attachments with a shower head that you buy from boots.

I was born in 1980 and remember showers being a comparative rarity/luxury. My grandparents house (built in the early 70s) didn't have one until about five years ago and only then because my gran couldn't get in and out of the bath easily. I think my dad installed a shower in our house some time in the mid-80s. I certainly remember not having one as a nipper.

It was comparatively normal for kids to be bathed only once a week on a Sunday and that would last a whole week. My mum fancied us a cut above as we had a bath every other day albeit in bathwater shared by the whole family, it would be absolutely grey by the time the last person had it. It was also pretty grim if my mum had shaved her legs in the bath, you'd come out covered in prickly hairs.

We must have all stunk to high heaven.

[Cue Hovis music]

Adversecamber Thu 03-Jan-13 22:21:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OneLittleToddlingTerror Thu 03-Jan-13 19:46:38

When the shower broke down in our rented flat, we were told showers aren't part of being inhabitable. The bath is. I'm not 100% surprised HA doesn't include them. But they should though.

MurderOfGoths Thu 03-Jan-13 19:20:32

Our HA property only has a bath. Drives me nuts, much prefer showers.

Our last property only had a shower. At the time I vaguely missed having a long luxurious soak in the bath, but looking back now I prefer it that way round.

Try dying and then rinsing your hair when you only have a bath and no shower! I have to use a damn jug!

singaporefling Thu 03-Jan-13 19:17:11

I always shower after a bath, don't feel clean otherwise... And wash dishes without plug in which i know is naughty - same principle as bathing tho, don't want me/things wallowing in 'dirty' water..

LadyBeagleEyes Thu 03-Jan-13 19:11:36

Loads of houses in the 70's only had baths.
And in my new built HA house they didn't put showers in, I had to install mine myself.
In fact everybody in the street has done it now, why they didn't put them in automatically is beyond me.

OneLittleToddlingTerror Thu 03-Jan-13 19:10:14

And I wash my hair every morning. So obviously I'd ave to use a shower if I were you zukiecat. I used to shampoo everyday, but now at my older age my hair doesn't go lanky so quickly.

OneLittleToddlingTerror Thu 03-Jan-13 19:08:11

I can live without a bath grin. It takes up space and we never use ours, until DD. Now we bath her in it.

Really people don't have showers in the 70s and 80s? shock I was born in the 70s and have always had showers. (I assume I was bathed as a baby ofc).

zukiecat Thu 03-Jan-13 19:01:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

specialsubject Thu 03-Jan-13 18:04:18

yes, as long as the heating is off. One or the other.

lottiegarbanzo Thu 03-Jan-13 17:54:10

Ancestors! The house I grew up in didn't have a shower installed until I was seventeen - having only a bath was completely normal in the 70s and 80s - we bathed frequently, were quite fragrant and I'm not that ancient!

OneLittleToddlingTerror Thu 03-Jan-13 17:12:16

And outhouses shared by many families. The horror hmm

OneLittleToddlingTerror Thu 03-Jan-13 17:10:57

Bunbaker exactly what flatbread says. Do you rinse your dishes? Do you empty your bath and then refill it to rinse? How about your hair, how do you wash it properly? I can't seem to get the shampoo out when I was stuck with a bath.

lottiegarbanzo people don't used to bath often. They used to have a potty under the bed. We are now a lot nicer smelling than our ancestors.

lottiegarbanzo Thu 03-Jan-13 17:06:18

Hmm, well it's usual in Japan to shower and rinse before a bath!

Never heard of showering after a bath. How did we manage before showers were commonplace?

VerySmallSqueak Thu 03-Jan-13 17:02:50

Surely if you wash your hands in water,whether it be in a basin or from the taps ,your hands are clean for most purposes (except performing a quadruple heart bypass).

Unless you bathe in baked bean juice, I'm sure,equally,that a bath renders most of us fit to face the world.

Flatbread Thu 03-Jan-13 16:30:15

I am not very hygienic at all. I am quite relaxed (aka very lazy) about cleanliness in general.

I just thought you had to shower after a bath, to get the soapy water off. Is there a trick I never learnt? Did my mum lead me down the wrong path?

Adversecamber Thu 03-Jan-13 16:18:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bunbaker Thu 03-Jan-13 16:13:58

"I actually think bathing is gross."

Do you have OCD?

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