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to actually like looking "pale" ??

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xameliax Tue 01-Jan-13 22:17:14

My natural skin colour is pale and I have to say that I love it.

It doesn't necessarily mean that you are ill/never go out in the sun.

When I say I like being pale, some of my friends literally seem to shudder and pull the hmm face.

Yes I love having a tan when I come back off holiday because then it's natural but I wouldn't lie out in the sun for hours in order to get one.

I've been on holiday with a friend who will be out in the sun from 9 and refuse to leave her sun bed until the sun has actually gone.

Anyone else actually like their skin colour or as soon as your tan starts to fade will you jump on the sun bed or grab the nearest bottle of Saint Tropez?

Artemis206 Wed 02-Jan-13 00:03:37

I'm pale, dark haired and have freckles and very happy about it. I do get fed up when well meaning colleagues tell me how pale I am. It's my natural skin tone - honest!

MurderOfGoths Wed 02-Jan-13 00:04:58

YANBU, I love having pale skin. So jealous of Dita Von Teese's perfect porcelain skin.

Cathycomehome Wed 02-Jan-13 00:18:07

I'm sick of my pasty white skin. Both of my children and my partner are olive-y. I have the skin of a Victorian consumptive.

apostropheuse Wed 02-Jan-13 00:21:12

I'm pale too, I really don't care one way or the other what colour I am. It's how I was born and how I am meant to be. I have dark hair and if I'm exposed to the sun I do get freckles. I also have rather a lot of small moles on my arms, which contrast nicely with my pale skin! grin

Sunbathing would bore me to death. In fact if I go abroad at all I wear factor 30 minimum, wear a hat, cover my shoulders, and stay in the shade to read if at all possible. I would rather be my natural pale self than risk skin cancer. Also, if I don't wear a hat I get sunburn on my scalp, which isn't pleasant at all. I tend to burn rather than tan.

I absoluely hate fake tans as I hate the you've been tangoed look.

In the past I got so sunburnt that I couldn't bend my knees or elbows the pain was so bad and my nose was like a belisha beacon. Never again!

Beaverfeaver Wed 02-Jan-13 00:47:50

I like it when I am pale and like it when I am tanned (naturally).

However, I think being pale only suits someone with either dark brown hair or red hair.

Don't know why, just my personal opinion I guess

halcyondays Wed 02-Jan-13 00:54:43

I am pale and never tan even if I've been in the sun, althoughI don't tend to get told that I look pale or ill. I am happy with it and rarely bother with fake tan. I don't get why some people seem to be obsessed with it and think they can't be seen without it.

ChristmasNamechangeBridezilla Wed 02-Jan-13 00:58:16

Fake tan definitely doesn't work on pale skin. Even light ones are obvious.

My DH has a friend whose partner is a very pretty woman who tries to disguise her red hair and pale skin with black hair dye and fake tan. She would look a lot better if she just embraced her colouring IMO.

MaggieMayRose Wed 02-Jan-13 01:19:33

I have a friend with red hair and freckles.

She likes to be really tanned, and dyed her hair both blonde and dark.

Thankfully she's gone back to her natural colour, which looks gorgeous on her.

Red hair is so beautiful and as a natural hair colour quite rare too. If I had it I'd never want to dye my hair.

misterwife Wed 02-Jan-13 01:20:13

Spray tans and sunbed tans look horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible!

blackeyedsusan Wed 02-Jan-13 01:51:42

my mission in life is to make everyone else look tanned. grin

tanning is a sign of skin damage (if not you natural colour.) my mum has had several skin cancers removed so I am really careful about not exposing skin to the sun in summer. (april to september.) my legs are wwhite, but they never come out anyay. it is either too cold for them to be out and hideous mottled blue and purple... or too sunny for them to be out and me applying layers of cream.

Moominsarescary Wed 02-Jan-13 02:34:08

I'm dark haired and pale, I had a sprey tan for my sisters wedding (so did everyone else) and I thought it looked awful

I am so pale, I'm pretty much translucent. It suits me though. I have tried fake tan once, I looked completely ridiculous. A tan looks amazing on people who tan naturally (like one of my friends, who gets a gorgeous bronze tan by merely looking at the sun), but on me, nah. Though when I was 12, I was staying with a cousin in a very hot country, and on the last day of my stay, a friend of hers said 'oh Shadows, you have a great tan'. 'Really??' says I, all excited. He then continues 'yup, you are not blue anymore, you're just white now". grin

MammaTJ Wed 02-Jan-13 02:49:38

I am a ginga and will always be more pale than anyone else because I try to protect my skin.

drfayray Wed 02-Jan-13 02:55:14

My skin has been described as liquid chocolate. Take a look at my pic.
Everyone is beautiful whether they are pale or dark.
I don't understand the need to look orange !

MrRected Wed 02-Jan-13 03:33:24

Two words.

Skin Cancer.

In the words of the Australian Cancer Council: Tanning = Skin Cells in Trauma.

And it's entirely possible to get skin cancer in Europe too...

CaptChaos Wed 02-Jan-13 05:13:50

I am very pale skinned, with very dark brown hair. I never expose my legs to the sun, as they are so white they are reflective and people are blinded by the glare! It takes me so long to get any sort of colour in the summer that I don't bother anymore.

I had a spray tan once, and it just made me look slightly grubby, but then what passes for a natural tan on me also just makes me looks slightly grubby!

One positive is that no one ever guesses how old I am, it was also fab when I was a goth when younger. On the negative side, occasionally I grow an extra head on my chin, no matter what skincare regime I use, and the contrast between pale skin and huge angry red spot means that everyone talks to it instead of me! sad

FlimFlamMerrilyOnHigh Wed 02-Jan-13 05:55:42

You should live in Japan or Korea, they completely idolise pale skin and spend a fortune on skin whitening creams. Japanese women would never never sunbathe, it's considered lower class to be tanned (as it was in Europe 100 years ago). A Japanese friend told me that Japanese women with babies in buggies have special long gloves that go up to their elbows so that they don't get their forearms tanned while walking about outdoors pushing the buggy.

vvviola Wed 02-Jan-13 06:22:04

I gave in briefly to the pressure to get a fake tan for my wedding, got a test done on my legs and it made me look like I had some weird tropical disease. I was very glad to be able to use it as an excuse not to get it done for the wedding. Still had a stand up row with one of my bridesmaids about it though.

I do tan, but gradually and slowly and it's more a case of my freckles joining up than a real tan grin

At the moment I look like two halves of different people. My legs are still so white they look blue (friends have joked they need sun glasses to look at me!), but my arms are tanned from doing the school run etc. I look pretty daft in shorts (summer here)

I don't mind being pale, but I wish it was a bit more even!

ohfunnyhoneyface Wed 02-Jan-13 06:32:03

I tan very quickly with olive skin- pale on me DOES mean ill! But I think pale is beautiful and love my DP's white freckly skin and his sister's gorgeous milk white skin. I really don't mind what colour our baby is- though a life time of panicking about shade and sunburn doesn't appeal that much!! His dad burns in the shade!

DozyDuck Wed 02-Jan-13 07:50:55

I'm see through grin
With black hair and bright blue eyes.

I only get positive comments about it.


sashh Wed 02-Jan-13 07:57:21

Just remembered, I got extra massage time in Bali. The lady on the beach was so fascinated by my 'beautiful white skin'.

jaggythistle Wed 02-Jan-13 08:07:09

i like getting a wee bit of sun in the summer, but also don't do deliberate sunbathing.

i tried a fake tan moisturiser thing once and it smelled awful! it did help me work out why my workmates smell funny sometimes though. grin

i don't mind being pale, although when i get tired it makes my dark circles round my eyes look worse. smile

FolkElf Wed 02-Jan-13 08:54:07

I'm also very pale. I've got freckles which makes my face appear less so - I'm not covered in them and they're quite pale but enough to be noticeable. The rest of me like a slightly squishy porcelain doll!

I think that all natural skin tones/colours are beautiful but I don't like the fake tan look and just don't get what people find attractive about it at all.

DozyDuck envy that's my favourite combo.

Mrsrudolphduvall Wed 02-Jan-13 08:55:13

I am very pale with dark hair and eyes.
I get rosacea in the summer and sunshine triggers it, so no sunbathing for me.

I have never had a decent spray tan so don't bother any more.

FolkElf Wed 02-Jan-13 08:55:59

vvviola sunglasses needed for my legs too! The glare from them in the sunshine...!

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