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to ask for 2 bits of baby advice as there is more traffic?

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catgirl1976geesealaying Tue 01-Jan-13 19:57:10

Thank you thanks

DS is 13 months old

Issue 1: About 6 weeks ago we did CC with great sucess, he got it after 2 nights and was going down without a whimper and sleeping through.

For the last week he has been hysterical when we put him down again and it's been like night one all over again. We go in to re-assure at 5 min, 10 min and 15 min intervals. It's heartbreaking sad

I don't think it's separation anxiety starting to show (but could be wrong) He goes to nursery 2 days a week and is happy there. He spends 1 day a week with my DM and again is fine and happy. He sleeps over at DMs occasionally (and did so in the midst of this upset) and goes down with no issue there

Is there anything I can do? This is horrible.

Issue 2:

He thinks "no" is a game. Is that just normal for his age? My main concern is him playing with the TV which he could pull down and it scares me (wall bracket ordered)

If I say "no" he grins, shakes his head, giggles and does whatever got him the "no" again and again and thinks it's great fun

Any tips for re-inforcing "no" or do I just have to wait for him to get a bit older?

Thanks for any advice.....

BasicallySFB Wed 02-Jan-13 22:14:03

This thread like so many others has made me incredibly grateful that, while 2 year old DS has never napped properly, he does sleep at night and has since @ 10 months. Those first 10 months, with a tiny DS hanging off me on 5 hours broken sleep ALL DAY were trying. But - and here's the big but - it has Nothing at all to do with me or DH or any methods - it's just his nature and we're very very lucky and grateful.

He does have a very solid bedtime routine including our Night Night time - so after bath / creams (v bad infantile psoriasis) / PJ's / story, he gets in his cot, finds his Ted Ted (comforter - Bettine Bear from Mothercare, every child I've ever met loves them), snuggled down, nightlight on, lamp off, then we have 3 rounds of 'Love You' 'Byebyeeee'. We never deviate from this, BuT don't have a set time as he's in nursery 2 days a week and later home.

On the 'no' issue - DS did exactly the same. Using different words (hot / dangerous / arghhhhh that's my clean washing stop drawing on it with my sharpie) worked well. NO is for dire life or death things like running toward road and he stops straight away.

I really really hope you get a solution that works FOR YOU ALL. I frigging hate the way parenting decisions get polarised. Surely we're all at the mercy of our DC - their not robots who all work to the same routine / style / technique.

Good luck OP.

Zimbah Wed 02-Jan-13 22:25:53

Quick response to some of the people who replied to me:

Yes I do think there are some people who use CC before trying other methods. I've met people in real life who have merrily discussed using CC as essentially the 'go-to' sleep training method, rather than as an absolute last resort, and my HV recommended it to me without suggesting anything else first. I've also seen many threads on the sleep board where people discuss using CC as a first/second option who then seem surprised to learn about other ways of doing this. When I first posted there was nothing from the OP to say she'd tried other methods first so it's hardly surprising I suggested them is it. I don't think parents using CC get pleasure from hearing their babies cry but I know that lots of people attribute adult mindsets to babies/children and therefore have totally unreasonable expectations. I'm not saying any of the posters responding here do this but it's not uncommon at all.

Also, I'm not saying every baby should be snuggled to sleep while its mum sings lullabies and rocks it for three hours a night till the age of 15. I know some babies do that whimpering "I'm trying to fall asleep" cry and are best left on their own to get on with it, they're not actually upset.

Moominsarescary Thu 03-Jan-13 09:41:22

married I had ds1 very young, I'm 34 now and sometimes think I had more patience with the younger two. Ds2 is nearly 10 and I had him at 24. I struggle more with pg now and lack of sleep!

I think having such big age gaps helps you not to worry about the fazes they go through, you look at the older 1 and remember they were the same but grew out of it. I'm probably more strict now than I was with the 1st.

Only down side is after 18 years of dc i have no idea what it's like having two close together so not sure how things will be when the new baby arrives.

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