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To be a massive doormat?

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Theicingontop Tue 01-Jan-13 08:19:57

MIL is staying. We were supposed to go to hers on New Years on account of her being unable to come for Christmas due to having a dog. The dog got stolen on Christmas eve so now she's a free agent.

I am suffering. I offered to go with her shopping yesterday and she dragged her DD, me and my DS around for four hours window shopping for things she could never afford, getting exasperated that I wasn't looking as excited as she was. "Oh you act like a man when we're shopping" - well, I wouldn't if we were actually shopping, she was just looking at expensive things and wishing she could buy them. She's broke. I was tired. So was DS, because I didn't bring a buggy.

She had to ask for money to buy her DD wellies, and didn't buy them. Then put my son's wellies on her DD as we were going out, without asking. I asked why she was wearing them, she replied that she'd assumed DS had more than one pair. He doesn't. She suggested he'd be fine with trainers. He wasn't. He had to watch her DD splash happily in puddles the whole day while his feet got wet just walking along. Didn't make for a happy toddler.

She's using the bath hamper OH got me for my birthday just before Christmas. Came in the living room last night reeking of my lotion. I thought she wouldn't mention it because she didn't ask me first. Came right out and said how wonderful it smells. Asked me to smell her hand with my lotion on it. hmm

Has drunk like a fish since she got here. The first night she drank the rest of the cava we had in the fridge from Christmas, then her own bottle, then a bottle of red wine she'd also bought. Last night it was only one bottle of cava, to 'celebrate the new year'. Absolutely piddled both nights, having slurred arguments with OH.

Probably tmi, but she absolutely fucking stinks. Her breath is revolting, her trips to the bathroom leave the whole room reeking for hours. She just woke me up coming back from the toilet, so I went down and had a wee and very nearly threw up from the smell. I'm guessing it's the alcohol and the pickles she constantly consumes.

I am a massive doormat. She's staying until Thursday. AIBU to keep the peace, or do I need to make a huge fucking scene?

DeckSwabber Tue 01-Jan-13 10:49:07

She sounds like she needs help, big time.

Theicingontop Tue 01-Jan-13 13:09:55

The DD was taken from her for around six months when she was a year old because the house was squalid. She's being watched by the SS, constantly visited, they seem to think she's capable confused

She's in her early forties, she had OH when she was 17, hid the pregnancy and gave custody to her mother.

The dog was pedigree, and a little overweight so maybe they thought she was pregnant... Got stolen from outside a shop and taken on a bus. She was the type of dog that's bred or used for fighting, so I'm not surprised at all that she was taken. She wasn't even on a lead. Stupid woman.

Holding my tongue until Thursday or earlier if OH and her have another argument grin

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