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to want my own Furby?

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VestaCurry Mon 31-Dec-12 05:54:48

One of my dc's received one for Christmas. I'm very taken with it. Not sure if I'm mad.

vvviola Mon 31-Dec-12 06:27:28

Definitely mad, unless they've changed from the original demented little things.

I had one that clearly found me extremely dull as it would chatter for a while then start to snore. My parents' puppy was terrified of the thing. One day we mistakenly left it on in the room with the puppy, who obviously found some courage. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but the puppy won.

We weren't exactly devastated. grin

VestaCurry Mon 31-Dec-12 06:30:31

lol. The new ones are quite fascinating. You can feed them different foods using a Furby app on a phone. It can be taught English and you can translate the Furbish through the app.

Emmielu Mon 31-Dec-12 08:53:16

My sister brought me 2 of the original ones for my birthday last year blush. I love them to pieces. They even sing to eachother. And tell knock knock jokes. I don't know what the new ones are like.

VestaCurry Mon 31-Dec-12 13:34:23

I fancy a white one

OrangeLily Mon 31-Dec-12 13:39:08

I had one of the original ones and all it said was 'Fffuuuurrrrbbbyyy'. I don't understand how a toy can be taught a language!!!!

LadyBeagleBaublesandBells Mon 31-Dec-12 13:42:37

I really, really wanted one for Christmas, but it was not to be sad
They seem lovely company.
I may buy myself one when ds leaves for university next year.

crashdoll Mon 31-Dec-12 14:24:06

I had one of the original ones. It used to say "hmm" and "la la la" and "me lo coco"

Very weird.

I'd quite like a new one though. blush

acsr1987 Mon 31-Dec-12 14:31:25

i got one in my stockin for xmas! the ginger one... partner and son not allowed to touch.... im 25

KatyPeril Mon 31-Dec-12 14:32:56

YANBU! They're marvellous. My daughter gave me hers as she didn't like it, but now she's took it back sad

crashdoll Mon 31-Dec-12 15:07:17

OMG just googled, they are a fucking fortune! There goes my crimbo pressie to myself....sad

Littlebearlost Mon 31-Dec-12 16:24:41

I kind of want one...ds had some money off relatives to buy something with - do you think he'd like a furby??? He's 3.6! Then I he could play with it.
Are they easy to use? I think they're meant to be 6+

Iris1 Mon 31-Dec-12 17:25:14

My kids got then for xmas. One is 4.3 and the other 2.5 and they both love them. My2 tear old is really good with hers and has named it and everything so id say go for it!

VestaCurry Mon 31-Dec-12 17:31:53

They are labelled as not for under 3's, I think you'd have to use your judgement as a careful 'nearly' 3 yr old would be fine with one. I am in my 40's so it is a bit blush to really want a toy! Two furbies can talk to each other too, dc2 is taking his to meet another one this week.
Gradually the one we have is speaking more English (it all depends on his much you talk to it).

Littlebearlost Mon 31-Dec-12 17:49:23

I think he'd be ok, he is generally very careful with his toys. Especially his soft toys which he looks after as though they were babies.
Do you think they will have longevity? That was the only thing that concerned me. They're better than the furreal type toys aren't they?
I might have reserved myself one at argos. I mean reserved one for ds. It's red with a blue tuft of hair.

Megatron Mon 31-Dec-12 18:05:27

DD got a white one for Christmas and she's really rather lovely. We all talk to her, particularly DH which is slightly concerning. smile

LadyBeagleBaublesandBells Mon 31-Dec-12 18:11:17

So just how much are they?
Can you get one cheap in the sales?

crashdoll Mon 31-Dec-12 18:16:05

They are between £55 and £65! I can't see any cheaper ones online.

Glitterknickaz Mon 31-Dec-12 18:16:31

I want one too.

crashdoll Mon 31-Dec-12 18:19:20

Some of the colours are super cool. They are so much better than the original ones. I'm never having kids, toys are so expensive! shock

ConfusedPixie Mon 31-Dec-12 18:22:41

YANBU. I want one. If we all got one we could have an MN Furby Meet wink

LadyBeagleBaublesandBells Mon 31-Dec-12 20:13:55

How cool would that be Pixie.grin

ConfusedPixie Mon 31-Dec-12 22:42:50

Very cool! DP doesn't agree and is refusing to buy me a Furby sad I may have to get one!

Xmasfun Mon 31-Dec-12 22:44:33

Yanbu my two have them and I really really want one smile

SamuelWestsMistress Mon 31-Dec-12 23:03:18

Are they coming back into stock in places now? I wanted to get dd one for her birthday in a few weeks.

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