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To think the rubix cube is impossible to solve.

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McNewPants2013 Sun 30-Dec-12 20:30:18

I have been trying for weeks since my birthday on 14th December.

It just can't be solved

RandomMess Sun 30-Dec-12 20:30:46

Eh, of course it can confused

bealos Sun 30-Dec-12 20:31:15

I would like to agree with you, as personally I can't do it, but my dp can do it. It's like a weird party trick. He learnt how to do it living as a kid on a farm in NZ apparently!

Shutupanddrive Sun 30-Dec-12 20:31:55

No it's not impossible. My brother can do it. (I just used to take the stickers off!)

Sparklyblue Sun 30-Dec-12 20:32:51

My BIL can do it in minutes, he's a right brain box though grin

McNewPants2013 Sun 30-Dec-12 20:33:54

A glimmer of hope that it can be done, I am close to donating it to the bin

AnnoyingOrange Sun 30-Dec-12 20:35:07

For some strange reason, children can usually do it quite easily

Meglet Sun 30-Dec-12 20:35:53

In theory I know it's possible, and within 60 seconds for experts.

But the most I ever managed was 2 sides. I had a 'you can do the cube' book and everything. Pah.

Cezzy Sun 30-Dec-12 20:35:57

I used to do it prising it apart and putting it back together correctly, my school friend in the 80s could do it really quick. There used to be a booklet with the instructions.

Llareggub Sun 30-Dec-12 20:36:19

I rearranged the stickers in the end :-)

McNewPants2013 Sun 30-Dec-12 20:36:40

I have even googled it and still can't do it lol

Emandlu Sun 30-Dec-12 20:37:14

My brother can do it. He says its something about seeing the patterns.

Hulababy Sun 30-Dec-12 20:37:19

Dd got one for Christmas but none of us can even get close. Watching some 100 best toys things on tv and people doing them in seconds!

LunaticFringe Sun 30-Dec-12 20:37:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thenightsky Sun 30-Dec-12 20:38:55

DS (now aged 21) can do a basic (3 cube deep) Rubix cube in about 2 minutes. He has a bigger four cube deep one he does in about 4 mins. He has been given a five cube deep one for xmas. Not sure if he's done that one yet.

He solved the 3 cuber when he was about 11.

EcoLady Sun 30-Dec-12 20:39:17

Have you seen this version? grin

mermaidbutmytailfelloff Sun 30-Dec-12 20:39:29

I used to be able to do it..... It's easy when you learn the method actually. I haven't tried for years though

McNewPants2013 Sun 30-Dec-12 20:39:31

Hula what channel is that on

complexnumber Sun 30-Dec-12 20:40:40

I heard that any rubric cube orientation can be solved in a max number of 20 moves!

It just means the rest of us are a little slower...

LeeCoakley Sun 30-Dec-12 20:42:21

I could do it when it first came out. In about 2 minutes if I solved the top layer quickly, otherwise up to 5 minutes or so. I just made up a solution which was a bit random hence the different solving times. I couldn't do it now though!

LostInWales Sun 30-Dec-12 20:44:46

DH can do it in about 60s but then he didn't have a girlfriend until he was 21...

PeppermintonCandyCane Sun 30-Dec-12 20:47:37

There's a way to do it - probably the one in the link although I haven't looked at it. IIRC it involved repeating the same sequence of moves several times, then bingo!

FredFredGeorge Sun 30-Dec-12 20:51:27

LostInWales So is it related to wrist strength or loneliness then?

I figured out a route to do it when I was a teenager, was a bit random on getting it into the right state for me to solve it from after getting the first 2 layers done, but I'd always get there in the end - something like 5 minutes like LeeCoakley I'd say. Doubt I could do it now, but hopefully still have the mind to figure it out.

musicmadness Sun 30-Dec-12 20:56:51

I can do it - it's just to do with the algorithms. The only truly intuitive bit is solving the first cross. The thing is when you make a side it is not enough to have the side all one colour, it needs to be all one colour on one side and the other colour on the edge pieces needs to match the colour of the centre of the adjacent side. Follow the instructions in this to solve it. Go very slowly at first or you will lose your place and have to start again. You soon get the hang of it if you practice a few times!

CoteDAzur Sun 30-Dec-12 20:57:32

Maybe you should try solving a Rubik's Cube, instead smile

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