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to think Jurassic Park really shouldn't be a PG?

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whatalwayshappenlife Thu 27-Dec-12 00:23:00

It's a brilliant film, especially for its time.

But seriously a PG rating??

The scene where the raptors are the kitchen still creeps me out

And you even see a severed arm in one part.

GreatCongas Thu 27-Dec-12 00:24:39

The arm makes me jump every time
I think there needs to be a rating in between rather than the jump to 12a

WelshMaenad Thu 27-Dec-12 00:26:33

But my 2 year old loves it!

MrsTerrysChocolateOrange Thu 27-Dec-12 00:26:45

They are relying on parents actually thinking about whether their child should be watching it. DD at 2 would love it, my niece at 10 would be scared. Don't get me started on having watched Jaws at a young age. At least dinosaurs don't roam the local swimming pool deep end earth any more.

MrsTerrysChocolateOrange Thu 27-Dec-12 00:27:21

X-post WelshMaenad. Our toddlers sound similar.

ILikeWhisperingToo Thu 27-Dec-12 00:28:16

And the guy who gets eaten off the toilet. Those raptors scared the crap out of me. Great film though!
theme tune in my head now...

LucieMay Thu 27-Dec-12 00:32:32

No way a 12. It is made for little kids!

WelshMaenad Thu 27-Dec-12 00:34:11

He's a pragmatic little thing. The first time he watched it my six year old asked him if he was scared of the dinosaurs and he looked at her like she was a bit stupid and said "but they not REAL!".

ArkadyRose Thu 27-Dec-12 00:34:45

DD3 is 5 and is absolutely dinosaur-mad. She's begged to watch Jurassic Park but I don't think she's old enough to watch it yet. Her best friend has it on DVD at her GM's house but the GM has agreed she won't let DD3 watch it unless I say it's OK.

zippey Thu 27-Dec-12 01:16:03

Its a great film, but it is quite scary. I think PG is about right.

jaggythistle Thu 27-Dec-12 02:07:10

YANBU. it's based on an adult novel, but i think the merchandise for kids potential was just too much for the film makers.

it's actually quite a good book if you like geeky sciencey thrillers. grin i really enjoyed Michael Chrichton's books. sad

FobblyWoof Thu 27-Dec-12 09:34:27

I remember being really annoyed that my parents wouldn't let me watch it when it came out. When I finally got to watch it I completely understood why they did it.

I was also pretty scared by Brave when I watched it last week. blush

lustybusty Thu 27-Dec-12 09:44:40

I was probably about 10-11 when I first watched Jurassic park, my brother 5-6 (maybe both a bit younger). He LOVED it, it gave me recurrent nightmares. Fast forward to summer 2012 and I watched the lost world for the first time aged 26. return of the nightmares.... And I'd even watched during the day!! Think it depends on the child-I'm obviously a delicate flower hmm and my brother ain't!! grin

fromparistoberlin Thu 27-Dec-12 09:50:59

so does my two year old!!!! , my 4 yo made m,e cover his eyes for the scary bits

but come on for two dino loving boys, TV gold !!!!

BigShinyBaubles Thu 27-Dec-12 09:53:01

My 10 year old ds hates it! He's scared of dinosaurs bless him..but my 7 year old ds LOVES it, specially the arm, toilet and goat scenes little weirdo
He's watched it for years..but other ds leaves the room!!

Binfullofgibletsonthe26th Thu 27-Dec-12 10:00:15

My DS7 loves it too. I used to cover his eyes for he toilet scene, or pause and skip.

Then he got annoyed with me and said he knew what happens, he's seen it all in someone's house during a sleepover and it's not scary so to stop skipping that part.

MrsAceRimmer Thu 27-Dec-12 10:09:00

My DS (4) likes it. PG stands for Parental Guidance. If you don't think it's suitable, watch something else.
FWIW, DD (21m) seemed to like it too, and slept through last night for the first time! Maybe the dino dreams helped grin

plaingirly Thu 27-Dec-12 10:13:18

The kitchen bit still scares me now and I am 26!

GreatCongas Thu 27-Dec-12 10:28:13

I hate pg
I don't have time to watch all the films I want to see let alone watch all their crap first too

MerryCouthyMows Thu 27-Dec-12 10:29:55

I watched it in the cinema, and I must have been under 10yo, because my Dad was the one who took me, and he died when I was ten. Yes, the raptor scene scared the shit out of me, but I loved the film. Even my sensitive, easily scared DS2 watched it when he was 8yo.

MerryLindor Thu 27-Dec-12 10:31:57

I was about 21 when I watched it at the cinema.

I had to leave about half way through cause I was scared shitless.


(Yes, I meant to write 21 and not 12)

WillYuleDoTheFandango Thu 27-Dec-12 10:34:28

Yep my 6 year old cousin watched it just before we went to the safari park. Definitely too old for him - he spent the entire day asking me to ram other cars off the road and asking if I had a shotgun in case the think charged at us confused

WillYuleDoTheFandango Thu 27-Dec-12 10:35:03

think rhino

HollyBerryBush Thu 27-Dec-12 10:36:17

Last night we had The Expendables II - far more inappropriate PG than Jurassic Park

Meglet Thu 27-Dec-12 10:40:50

It's way too scary for 6yo DS. He's seen the opening 30mins or so but I realised he wasn't going to be able to watch the scarier bits. We'll leave it until he's a lot older.

After the DC's were in bed I caught the part where the raptors were in the kitchen (hadn't seen it in a few years) and yes, it did give me the willies.

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