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cat- owners changed mind- aibu to be pissed off??

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scrummummy Wed 26-Dec-12 18:40:28

Hi we saw a beautiful cat 2 years old from a local breeder. He was a Maine coon with papers. They had been looking to rehome him for a few months. I spoke to them on the phone and visited by myself and with family. All agreed and paid for, food ordered online.

So today I got a msg today to say they had changed their mind, we were supposed to collect him on Friday.
Aibu to be pissed off??? Especially as we had told children. Grrrrrrrr

MrsWolowitz Wed 26-Dec-12 18:42:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JumpingJackSprat Wed 26-Dec-12 18:45:48

i suppose its their perogative but it is gutting especially as you had already paid for him. can you get a refund on the food? i second cat rescue charities there will be loads in there at this time of year.

Sparklingbrook Wed 26-Dec-12 18:48:41

That's so disappointing. sad Check the animal rescues, although some don't home over Christmas.

boomting Wed 26-Dec-12 18:49:12


However, Wolowitz said, there are lots of beautiful cats in shelters - and not all of them are domestic moggies.

You might also like to try the maine coon rescue

thinkfast Wed 26-Dec-12 18:49:55

Say Err sorry breeder but I've already paid so cat is mine now?

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 26-Dec-12 20:46:22

Are they giving you your money back then? Maine Coon's don't come cheaply!

PiccadillyCervix Wed 26-Dec-12 20:48:58

I second getting a rescue!

They will be grateful and loving because you rescued them that's a lie cats think of you as staff no matter how you find each other.

But you will feel good about getting someone who really needs a home!

scrummummy Wed 26-Dec-12 20:55:08

Hi yes they gave us our money back. I will contact some rescue centres later in January, as I'm sure they'll be busy with unwanted Xmas presents. Does any good cat ones in London that does pedigree ( not biased but prepared to pay vet bills rather than send back)?
I'm mainly just disappointed as the DDS were so excited about finally getting as cat, they chose bowls and got stuff just no cat!!

yellowsheep Wed 26-Dec-12 20:56:17

I have a Maine coon from a rescue centre he is a lovely cat now but didn't want to know us for a year smile it was exactly a year to the day we got him that he jumped up on my lap for a cuddle ans hasn't left much since

Good luck with your search

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