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to systematically correct my mum...

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Edma Wed 26-Dec-12 15:14:36

when she calls dinosaurs dragons? Apparently I am being pedantic as it's all the same really grin

JaneFonda Wed 26-Dec-12 15:16:15

YABVU. grin

Alisvolatpropiis Wed 26-Dec-12 15:21:47

Haha! YANBU but tell her about Komodo Dragons to soften the blow grin

BarbaraWoodlouse Wed 26-Dec-12 15:25:23

Fantastic! grin

Loving how this is willfully not in Pedants' Corner (YANBU or - indeed - YANBP)

MammaTJ Wed 26-Dec-12 15:25:27

Does it really matter?

kim147 Wed 26-Dec-12 15:28:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Edma Wed 26-Dec-12 15:35:30

Well I think it matters an awful lot!

CecilyP Wed 26-Dec-12 15:36:51

Why does it matter? She has survived thus far and brought up a family without this essential knowledge.

LineRunner Wed 26-Dec-12 15:37:42

Some dinosaurs were teeny tiny vegetarians. Like the Liberal Democrats of dragons, maybe.

Edma Wed 26-Dec-12 15:40:36

But I don't want the DCs thinking "it's all the same really!".
And I am trying to get her to stop saying yuk when she sees an animal that's not a furry mammal. I am a very controlling daughter!

Arithmeticulous Wed 26-Dec-12 15:40:48

Ask for conclusive proof from her that the dinosaurs dragons to which she is referring can breathe fire.

MrsJourns Wed 26-Dec-12 15:41:43

I thought it was compulsory for grandparents to muddle the names of things, ours do it all the time!

Narked Wed 26-Dec-12 15:49:05

As one is a fictional creature I think it's fair enough to correct her. Or you could start calling horses unicorns.

WankinginaWinterWonderland Wed 26-Dec-12 15:53:50


My mother picks me up on everything I cannot joke about anything anymore...must have chat about my constant sarcastic SOH grin

Dina-sours/Dragons..both big green things with tails and scary!

Edma Wed 26-Dec-12 15:54:27

She's not muddling up the names. She's not that interested... It's all the same to her.

And when I was explaining about dinosaurs having really existed and all that, she said "How do you know? Have you ever seen one?" Half-jokingly!

Edma Wed 26-Dec-12 15:55:45

Dina-sours/Dragons..both big green things with tails and scary! I think that's exactly it WWW

WankinginaWinterWonderland Wed 26-Dec-12 15:58:00

Thank you Edma! grin One blows fire I suspect though... scary animals!

Floggingmolly Wed 26-Dec-12 16:42:55

You can't be having that many conversations about dinosaurs...
You're both adults, talk about something else!

Edma Wed 26-Dec-12 18:07:57

We normally wouldn't talk about it that much but DS is dino-obsessed so there's been quite a few dino-related things lying about in the house...

WankinginaWinterWonderland Wed 26-Dec-12 18:47:25

Oh I don't know.... I have been chatting about moshie monsters all day

moshie monsters, dinosaurs, dragons, same thing ?

Actually moshies monster are not scary! Cute little strange things my son collects 91 we have now.... I mean DS has.

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