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to think this Christmas is so much better than last

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BattlingFanjos Tue 25-Dec-12 22:25:14

Last year my exp went out 2 days before Christmas and bought a Wii and guitar hero for me and ds (3 at the time). It was bought for him no doubt about it but we had a bit of fun with it, turned out to be an ok present and he'd spent a lot of money on it. (got a ball of wool and a bag of sweets for my birthday ffs lol). My dad and his partner also got me some beautiful presents and had obviously spent a lot of money on them. My ex took the wii and sold it when he left me. My dad stopped speaking to me after a really horrific argument that caused a lot of upset. This year i expected no gifts as adults do not buy for each other (mums side) however i woke up to 4 presents from my gorgeous ds (as bought by grandma lol), a pinwheel filled with sweets, a big coffee mug, a candle and 3 pairs of socks. Went to my mums for dinner and had the best day! Sod the wii and lovely gifts I would MUCH rather wake up to my beautiful boy and a pinwheel and to have lovely, happy people around me. Hope that makes sense, just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and had to share grin Merry Christmas all!!

DingDongBelle Tue 25-Dec-12 23:13:46

Merry Christmas, BF! I agree. Last year I nearly died and was in hospital all over Christmas for over a month (thus missing my Ds's first Xmas). I lost my job and home as a result and I have no memory of Christmas day.

This year I have my whole family around me, I have a beautiful opal ring on my finger from DH who told me is was a beautiful thing to come out of a year of tears the big softy I am well, healthy and have my baby boy in my arms. This year is MUCH better than last!

I'm glad to see you are happy after what sounds like a tough time.. Merry Xmas! smile

BattlingFanjos Wed 26-Dec-12 02:05:48

Thank you and right back at you DingDong! So glad to hear you recovered well and have more than made up for it. Sounds horrendous!!!
smile what very lucky people we are!

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