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To think the neighbour was deliberately showing us her bottom?

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MrsMushroom Sun 23-Dec-12 00:51:45

DH and I are in Oz for Christmas. Last night was a lovely balmy one and so we went out to alk to the beach leaving MIL in charge of the sleeping DC.

We went to the beach for a romantic stroll....wasn't romantic as we discussed the recent shark sighting and the stink of the seaweed...then we had a quick drink at a beach-side bar and went home through the miles of boxy houses.

As we approached DHs Mums house through the silent streets, we were chatting possibly quite loudly....then we heard humming and a noise like a hoover.

DH's Mum's next door neighbour-but-one was vacuuming her hallway.....she had the door to the street open but the screen door shut....screen doors are see-through...the light was on and she was humming loudly so we naturally glanced over....there she was bent over, in a hot pink silky short nightie, bare arsed and hoovering.


Why? Why was she doing that!? Was it deliberate? Do people DO such things really on purpose? It was 11.00pm

ISeeSmallPeople Sun 23-Dec-12 00:54:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thecook Sun 23-Dec-12 00:56:28

You must have led a shelteted life OP.

MrsMushroom Sun 23-Dec-12 01:01:04

I'm not sheltered honestly! I have never come across such a display before...who DOES that?

InNeedOfBrandyButter Sun 23-Dec-12 01:03:05

God that could be tbh, I clean on a night time after my bath in my nightie or shorts and band bra.

CaliforniaSucksSnowballs Sun 23-Dec-12 01:04:13

Who DOES that? Well the crazy lady that lives near your MIL apparently LOL Is it unusual for people to wander about at that time of day? Maybe she really thought no one was about and never thought you'd see her. Weird woman, could put her knickers on to Hoover

MrsMushroom Sun 23-Dec-12 01:08:42

It is quiet here at night....but really, anyone from across the road could have looked and got an eyeful! Brandy you wear PANTS though!

InNeedOfBrandyButter Sun 23-Dec-12 01:11:40

tbh op I was wearing a purple see through nightie with no knickers or bra tonight, dd threw up and did a mad dash to the bin in just that. I live in a block of flats to, but no way was I spreading sick around by walking in other rooms looking for my dressing gown. I hope none of my neighbours saw grin

StackOverflow Sun 23-Dec-12 01:14:42

I totally do that too, BrandyButter. Apart from the pink nightie, that is.

Don't think it's that unusual either. Guy across the street from us dances around in his flat wearing nothing but his iPod.

CaliforniaSucksSnowballs Sun 23-Dec-12 01:19:45

I've seen lots of my neighbors naked LOL not on purpose, but when I have been outside usually seeing to the animals and they dash out to the bin or the dryer in the garage. I turn away quick so they think I didn't see.

MrsMushroom Sun 23-Dec-12 06:41:41

\dashing to the bin is a lot different to waggling your arse in the doorway at night with a light on!

Jojobells1986 Sun 23-Dec-12 07:06:36

Maybe it wasn't you she was displaying to. Perhaps she's having an affair with that married man over the way & was teasing him. That kind of thing happens all the time in Oz. Don't you watch Neighbours or Home & Away? wink

SavoyCabbage Sun 23-Dec-12 07:11:27

I was in the shower this morning (also in Australia) when I noticed that the blind was up and the window wide open. And we back on to a park.

Quickest shower ever.

FredFredGeorge Sun 23-Dec-12 07:40:33

She wasn't wiggling her arse though, she was hoovering. She's obviously comfortable enough in the knowledge that no-one gives a toss about seeing her bottom to just get on with the housework however is most convenient/comfortable for her.

There's nothing strange about being semi-naked in your own house. Even with only the screen doors on.

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