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AIBU To not babysit

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WhoPutTheDickOnTheSnowman Fri 21-Dec-12 22:35:54

If I don't get to play with the new Lego set.


I have been asked to look after my goddaughter who, I happen to know, will be getting a lush new Lego set for Christmas.
I have been informed that due to the catapault incident last year this will be hidden and I am not allowed to look for it, find it, get it down, open the box - yes, even just for a look, or play with it. They said DGD and I will have to occupy ourselves with board games, reading, a little bit of TV and bath time like normal people.

I think it is grossly unfair, mostly because they only have scrabble and it has no E's.
But also partly because I feel we were treated very harshly last year for nothing, just a little LOTR play.

It's not like I didn't tidy up and it was only by accident I led DGD to believe Welsh people are Elves.
I feel it is their own fault and if they didn't want us to use it they shouldn't have bought her a war weapon anyway. Obviously.

DGD merely mentioned our plans to retake the empire (it is Star Wars lego) but I fear she dobbed me in when I said her little brother could play but only if he was Darth Vader so we would have to use lego to make his walker the Death Star.
I was told my reasonable compromise was not allowed - but I think he would make a fine Ewok. I fear we are doomed.
Plus it's my only chance because my children are robot sci-fi not alien sci-fi - which I'm sure they get entirely from their father.

Are they being terribly, terribly unfair and boring? Should I refuse to go? Or should I go but ice all their gingerbread tree decorations to look like Stormtroopers in protest? They are gallivanting off for a piss up, I think it's only fair we get to have a bit of fun too!

Groovee Fri 21-Dec-12 22:49:28

I think they are being grossly unfair. Protest away. Can I be R2D2?

WhoPutTheDickOnTheSnowman Fri 21-Dec-12 22:57:53

Awesome! Yes please do, we need a good R2. Bwahahahaha I may even replace the angel with Darth Vader to affirm my point!

As you can see I really didn't need too much persuading...I really like Lego.

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