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For standing up against the social work and going this far ...

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BipedalSpecies Wed 19-Dec-12 00:23:13

First, I dont know if Mumsnet is the best forum for this, but it has the most appropriate user base I could find.

3.5 or so years ago I told the head of social work and education if they did not stop segregating and descriminating against my daughter I would see them in court.

2.5 years ago 2 social workers and a social care worker came to my door and threatened to remove my children if we did not comply with them.

Then they went to the police and the care worker made an anonymous complaint stating she saw my partner assualt our kids. Her timeline states my partner was positively identified by her description, woman with dark hair in a ponytail, by another worker six weeks before they even met her.

I had reports about me sent from the school regarding injuries on my daughter blamed on me. Interestingly enough in one case three members of staff saw my daughter injure herself in school, yet one member reported it to social work as abuse. You just cant make this up.

I covertly recorded social workers and made a complaint against them regarding them using false information in child protection meetings and giving the prosecution against us false information, backed up by my video.

I was branded a liar and our kids placed on the child protection register.

Court proceedings started. I submitted my video evidence. Court case was dropped.

The council refuse to watch the video. They also illegally accessed my medical records claiming I gave signed consent, which they cannot produce. (along with another 3 billion wrong pieces of information they cannot back up e.g. according to them and only them Im an ex drug addict and a current alcoholic)

Now the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman has recommended they watch the video by end of January.

The Information Commissioner's Office has asked them to explain themselves by mid January.

So my question is: Am I wrong to bury these people up to their necks by going to the media when all my investigations are finished?

BTW my case was closed to them over 1.5 years ago and Ive been fighting this 2.5 years, so Im not planning on taking any prisoners after so much effort.

Also the head of social work said 'nothing has gone fundamentally wrong' and the person in charge of the complaint circled the wagons and I am willing to publicly say, covered up for the workers. After all I told him where the evidence was and he refused to do anything except repeat the falsifications of the workers he was supposed to investigate. The request for a copy of the medical records authorisation in itself speaks volumes.

I also got told that I should drop my complaint because 'next time we will have the police with us and it wont be for a cup of tea and a chat'.

pipsqueak Wed 19-Dec-12 00:30:39

I think you sound a little bit bonkers tbh and you should move on with your life and focus on you Dc instead of trying to get revenge on sw

arisma Wed 19-Dec-12 00:50:14

I actually think you're right to want to take this to the press - if I'd been victimised and slandered like that, I'd feel exactly the same. It's not even just a matter of 'revenge' or whatever - the public have every right to know about the hell social services can create for perfectly decent, good parents and families......and get away with it, because - as things stand, parents don't seem to have any 'comeback' against them.
Maybe you could even get some laws changed (!), or make things better for other potential victims. Definitely go for it! .....And Good Luck with it all!

Devora Wed 19-Dec-12 00:52:30

Sorry, but it's impossible for us to advise on what you should do based on the partial information you provide.

I hope you and your kids are doing well now.

IneedAsockamnesty Wed 19-Dec-12 00:58:03

This is probably not the best place for this thread.

Lots of people on here think sw never make mistakes never do anything wrong and you will be flamed massively.and part of the problem will be explained away as you not knowing how bad a parent you are.

I know even I take threads like this a bit hmm because quite frankly its rare for a shit parent or a child abuser to admit they are.

But if you genuinely feel laws have been broken and power has been misused and have good reason to feel that way as well as decent evidence to support that, then IMHO you are morally obligated to follow it through and do what you can to prevent it happening to people who may not be as able to fight it as you are.

It's a basic duty to protect people from powerful people who break the laws everybody else is expected to abide by especially those laid down to protect our children.

Bit if you go to the press it will discredit you massively, it shows a will full disregard for your child's emotional well being and just plays in there hands. As well as you being prohibited by law from disclosing anything to do with the family law/ childrens act proceedings. You cannot complain about them not following the law and then ignore it yourself.

ApocalypseCheeseToastie Wed 19-Dec-12 00:58:31

I don't think she sounds bonkers pipsqueak, I reckon id be dancing the dance of rightness if id been through that too.

wannaBe Wed 19-Dec-12 01:00:44

SS are of course not allowed to state their side of the story.

You will have been under SS scrutiny for a reason. Maybe you were found to be a fit parent but IMO it is highly unlikely that everyone on one side including the school was part of a massive conspiracy.

Move on with your life and focus on your children.

BipedalSpecies Wed 19-Dec-12 01:04:11

@pipsqueak: Interesting response. In fact its basically what the council have been saying. But I have a video that proves workers gave false information to agents of the court. I have a statement from a headteacher that says my daughter did indeed sustain the injuries at school. There are twenty plus witnesses against their workers allegation, they refused to interview any at all and the police investigated and basically walked away immediately. Then there is the fact they cannot produce any of the documentation they claim to have.

Not one things sticks against me, but a lot against the council and I could keep going on.

@arisma: What I want is more transparency and the meetings to be recorded. It is documented that one of my kids was placed on the register before they were born and that they all were placed on it for reasons varying month to month. They were also able to disregard anything said in our defence, because they are allowed to. I have that in writing in part response to my complaint. I also want someone independant of the local authority to investigate these matters, its all internal basically. The SPSO have very limited powers.

IneedAsockamnesty Wed 19-Dec-12 01:08:44

Do you think the media is able to do that?

BipedalSpecies Wed 19-Dec-12 01:11:33

OK, I understand people have and will continue to have their doubts, no problem. But I stress that I have definitive proof.

The SPSO found in my favour that the video should be watched.
The ICO are investigating.

Ive gave them far more information than I gave here. Id look like a right idiot if I pulled out now and Im not going to.

So, for all the doubters, which your entitled to be I have one question:

When I go public with this and put my money where mouth is, will you do one thing, just one thing? will you come back here and publicly apologise to me or just admit your wrong and stop being so skeptical either way? (ok, technically two things)

BipedalSpecies Wed 19-Dec-12 01:15:47

@Sockreturningpixie: Not directly. But I think we, the public, can. The only way the public can do anything about anything is if they know about it.

My kids are far-far away from the child protection register ... probably something to do with my witness statements and video recording. But all that red tape they are talking of cutting for social workers, that cut and my kids could have been far-far away from us, even after the case was dropped.

Devora Wed 19-Dec-12 01:16:50

One poster called you bonkers, OP. But I don't see anyone else who has said anything they should apologise for. As I said, how can we be expected to come down on one side or another when we don't have all the facts?

By all means go to the press if you think it will help you, your children, or other people's children.

Can I just ask WHY you think this happened? Sheer incompetence or something more?

RyleDup Wed 19-Dec-12 01:24:35

Well, if you feel you have been wronged then you need to do whatever you need to do. But I wouldn't be coming back here to apologise to you, because there will only be one side of the story in the media, like there is here. I'm not saying I believe or don't believe you, but theres two sides to the story.

RyleDup Wed 19-Dec-12 01:26:03

I'd be interested for both sides of the story though. Sounds like an interesting case.

arisma Wed 19-Dec-12 01:28:04

I really feel for you, hun - I feel I'm being a bit victimised by them as we speak (though nowhere near as badly as you've been). Let's hope some good can come out of this - more transparency would certainly be a good start!

wannaBe Wed 19-Dec-12 01:32:02

it is not wrong to say that we only have one side of the story. Even if you go to the press the details of why your children were under ss attention will not be made public. so there will be nothing too apologise for.

BipedalSpecies Wed 19-Dec-12 01:40:46

I think it happened partly because of the ex-head teacher and ex-head of social work and education taking offence to me saying if they didnt stop putting my kid into a room on her own Id take them to court, my daughter was dignosed with a mental health condition. Instead of dealing with it they put her in a room on her own, banned her from all school trips, suspended her for around ten weeks and I have it documented in minutes from a meeting the HT stating she didnt believe my kid had any problems and it was abuse.

Then bring in some over zelous social workers, well actually no, bring in a group of social workers that believed there was no abuse and then replace them with the over zelous ones.

Then there could be miscommunication from NHS because I turned up at my docs one day and they said 'but you were fighting at the weekend again and ended up in hospital' To which I replied WTF? (I dont go anywhere at the weekends and never ever went out fighting) Then one day my partner was ordered to take one of our daughters to the docs for a medical examination, turned up and 'surprise, surprise' wrong child, wrong family.

But its no excuse to lie. On the video one worker says 'you agreed, you said yes earlier, we had a discussion about it'. There was no discussion about the subject, none, nil, nada. But she had a discussion I agreed to written down. Just an example.

As for my comment about doubters, I just thought Id get that out the way. Its not targetted at anyone, just saves me time later because I have a feeling there will be more, which is only natural.

As for the councils side, I have that, I took it though their complaints procedure grin

Yea, I can smile about it.

BipedalSpecies Wed 19-Dec-12 01:42:32

@wannabe ... yes the details will. I got a court mandate and have every single piece of documentation up to middle of court proceedings. The kids arent in care, its our discretion as to whether or not the details we have can be made public.

See they cant just go out and make the details public, we can.

BipedalSpecies Wed 19-Dec-12 01:44:13

*in care or part of an ongoing investigation.

RyleDup Wed 19-Dec-12 01:48:48

Every single piece of documentation isn't going to get published by the media though is it. And all the notes on their electronic systems. Its going to be a summary, biased in either one direction or the other.

Why did they put your daughter In a room by herself? What was happening that they felt the need to do that? And why is what the school have done the fault of social services? They are two separate organisations.

izzyizin Wed 19-Dec-12 01:57:16

Shock, horror. Social workers get it wrong again. Why am I not surprised?

Nor am I surprised at the lengths to which some individuals and institutions go to in order to disguise the fact that they are bang to rights, or at the oft time breathtaking arrogance they display when lying through their teeth attempting to cover their backs.

The sooner the Family Courts are open to scrutiny by the press, the better.

In the meantime, it should be noted that the reason why apologies from local and central government departments, NHS, police, etc are rarely forthcoming without the persuasive influence of the law is that any admission of wrongdoing can result in a hefty payout an indefensible suit for recompense.

FWIW, those who persist in believing there's no smoke without fire have led sheltered lives.

BipedalSpecies Wed 19-Dec-12 02:04:00

@arisma: sorry to hear that, be strong.

The department four years ago was Social Work AND Education. Same boss that I had a meeting with and said 'court' to. She left with 100 odd k settlement and the departments were split.

They put my daughter in a room by herself because she was attacking teachers and pupils, she has/had really bad social skills, quite the opposite of her sister. On top of that she was running across desks and climbing up things. She was fine in the house though and has now much improved.

The school were unequipped to deal with it and basically put her in solitary. Thats why I had a meeting with the head of the departments. We wanted her moved, not made feel worse.

RyleDup Wed 19-Dec-12 02:06:27

Really Izzy? Do you really think social workers have time and resources to waste on people, dragging it through the courts, when there is no risk to the child? Tell me, why the hell do you would think they would take the time and energy out of their stupidly busy schedule, when there are other children that are at risk?

RyleDup Wed 19-Dec-12 02:11:08

Yes that makes sense bipedal. Not ideal obviously, but if the school aren't equiped to deal with it, then hopefully a risk assessment / future plan was drawn up fairly quickly. I can see your frustration there though.

RyleDup Wed 19-Dec-12 02:12:41

Are you in scotland op?

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