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No authorisation for being sick!

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pumpkinsweetieMasPudding Mon 17-Dec-12 08:58:09

My dd who is 4 has the winter vomiting bug, she has had it since yesterday & was sick yet again this morning.
Phoned school this morning and ive been told they no longer authorise absences unless a sick note is obtainedshock or if a child has actually been sent home from the school premises!
Aibu to think this is ridiculous?
So angry that this is going down as unauthorised.
This a new school policy since they became an academy a few weeks back.

Ive been told by office to try to obtain a sick note from doctors.

LolliLouLou Mon 17-Dec-12 09:00:24

Wouldn't you just love to send her in and let her vomit all over them!

DozyDuck Mon 17-Dec-12 09:01:24

Seriously? hmm are they going to pay for the doctors note then?

Chelvis Mon 17-Dec-12 09:01:36

Unless your DD is off sick a lot, then having an unauthorised absence is more of a problem for them than for you as it looks bad on the league tables. They're very silly to record it as unauthorised when they don't have to. I would send in a note on her return and leave them to it!

By 'off sick a lot', I mean more than 5% of the school year - and even then, when I worked in education, it only got really serious for parents (threats of court/fines etc) when it went over 15%.

Catsdontcare Mon 17-Dec-12 09:01:37

Oh sod them, ridiculous waste of doctors time. Tell them to leave it unauthorised it only affects their figures won't affect your daughter

twofingerstoGideon Mon 17-Dec-12 09:01:40

Academies can do what they want, unfortunately.

blackeyedsusan Mon 17-Dec-12 09:02:01

perhaps they mean that you have to write in .. bso they cana keep it on thir records?

AlmostAChristmasHipster Mon 17-Dec-12 09:02:11

So let them put it down as unauthorised. It sods up their figures that they have to present to the government - no skin off your nose.

bloody ridiculous rules!

Musomathsci Mon 17-Dec-12 09:02:17

Ridiculous and surely unsustainable. The local GP surgery will be really pissed off if every child with winter vomiting gets trailed along for a sick note. Not in anyone's interests to spread it around like that.

LittleMissKitschmas Mon 17-Dec-12 09:02:38

I've never ever had a doctor issue a sick not for a child. Ever! What a useless policysad

SugaricePlumFairy Mon 17-Dec-12 09:02:56

How utterly ridiculous!

How precisely are you going to obtain a sick note without a GP seeing your dd when current advice is not to visit surgeries/hospitals if you have the bug?

I don't think a GP will home visit either in such circumstances.

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 17-Dec-12 09:03:14

Our school requires that the parent writes a letter explaining the nature of the illness so there is a formal record and this converts it to authorised.

ENormaSnob Mon 17-Dec-12 09:04:48

Get the child to fill a self cert in wink

Or tell them to shove it up their arse. Bloody stupid academy.

WorraLorraTurkey Mon 17-Dec-12 09:04:50

It won't go down as unauthorised because you'll be sending her back with a note.

I think you might have got the wrong end of the stick.

wonkylegs Mon 17-Dec-12 09:06:02

Point out to the school that sick notes for schools are outside of the remit for GOs and they are likely to charge for them. Please also highlight to the numpties that infectious patients are not encouraged to attend a GP surgery unnecessarily to avoid the spread within the community. Sick notes are only provided with attendance... Therefore not appropriate.

colleysmill Mon 17-Dec-12 09:06:02

Totally unworkable.

I'm sure the local GPs will be ecstatic at this extra work and it leaves the only other option of sending sick children in to further spread illness.


WorraLorraTurkey Mon 17-Dec-12 09:06:11

Oh I just saw the bit about the Doc's note - sorry.

That's ridiculous.

Schools only tend to do that if the child has a really bad attendance record.

Sirzy Mon 17-Dec-12 09:06:42

Madness! Can't see the local GP being to impressed by that either!

SaraBellumHertz Mon 17-Dec-12 09:07:03

Providing you haven't got the wrong end of the stick I'd be inclined to take her into school and let them send her home. They'll change their procedure pretty quickly

Startail Mon 17-Dec-12 09:09:22

Ignore, send in nice note as always.

Officially our senior school also an academy need notes not just phone calls, but I often forget and they don't seem to worry.

stella1w Mon 17-Dec-12 09:11:32

Take her into school. Tell them she has a vomiting bug. Leave. Turn your phone off for the morning. Let them deal with it. Totaally wrong to get a gp note for this. In the workplace you selfcertify for the first five days. Gps don,t want to wasthe their time on this, not to mention spreadinf disease. Talk to your gp, get them to write letter backing you up and complain to la and governors.

ProudAS Mon 17-Dec-12 09:14:14

She's not compulsory school age at 4 so they shouldn't have to authorise the absence anyway.

Sirzy Mon 17-Dec-12 09:16:54

I am sure the people saying send her into school are saying it tongue in cheek but please don't. All you are doing then is punishing the other pupils who will get ill for a stupid policy.

adeucalione Mon 17-Dec-12 09:17:33

I'm not convinced that a GP would be willing to issue a sick note - the first few days of absence from employment only require self certification.

The surgery will not be impressed if they see a big upswing in children attending with mild ailments that could've been treated at home, or with their time being wasted writing sick notes, or with contagious children unnecessarily sitting in the waiting room and spreading their germs.

SleighbellsRingInYourLife Mon 17-Dec-12 09:18:06

"No, I won't be getting a note from the GP. You'll have to make do with one from me."

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