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To be annoyed that my neighbours are still having their party at 2am

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moodymai Sun 16-Dec-12 02:09:23

Lots of very loud talking from a lot of people. They used to have loud parties tgat went on til the early hours every other week in summer but since I complained to the landlord they stopped for about 2 months. Now it seems they're starting up again.

skratta Sun 16-Dec-12 02:13:14

Parties next door are EVIL. There was one next door a few months ago, and at all hours random screaming, loud music, flashing lights etc; would just erupt. Loads of cars, drunk teens, etc;

And then a boyfriend and girlfriend started...exploring each other... outside DD1 and 2's window. I had to shout at them to go away ten times to get heard over the music, and no one got any sleep. angry

Even when parties are over, it has an aftermath, doesn't it? Cars stopping outside your house and groups of noisy loud people get in/call out for people, people go along the street shouting random things, and sometimes more mess (like beer cans etc;).

deleted203 Sun 16-Dec-12 02:17:23

YANBU. It's unreasonable to keep your neighbours awake. Fuckers. My sympathies are with you as I am evil if anyone keeps me up.

SantaIAmSoFuckingRock Sun 16-Dec-12 02:18:25

i hope they all grow up to have children who are light sleepers. grin

LoopsInHoops Sun 16-Dec-12 02:20:10

Well, loud music at 2am is unfair, but complaining about talking is a bit OTT. It's xmas, people will be having parties.

moodymai Sun 16-Dec-12 02:20:42

I am thinking of complaining to the council as it is a regular thing with these people. I hate it. Our house is up for sale though and I dont want to do anything that would stop us from being able to sell it

moodymai Sun 16-Dec-12 02:21:36

They have children, you could hear them shouting as well earlier

moodymai Sun 16-Dec-12 02:23:16

Am I BU about talking when there is a large group of them and it's 2am?

deleted203 Sun 16-Dec-12 02:23:16

I would set my alarm for 6.00am mai and have loud music blaring out as I hoovered the entire house grin. Then I would go back to bed feeling satisfied.

moodymai Sun 16-Dec-12 02:24:43

I will definitely be doing that worn out. I am quite sure my kids will be up early as well!

deleted203 Sun 16-Dec-12 02:27:14

LOL! Good for you. Do your DCs have a drum set? I find they get the most out of their music practise if it is done very early on a Sunday morning, personally......grin.

moodymai Sun 16-Dec-12 02:28:48

Yes we have a child drum set and my daughter has a cornet that she needs to practise as she's playing it at church tomorrow!

LoopsInHoops Sun 16-Dec-12 02:29:04

Yes, I think you are. Living in close proximity means making compromises. They can't have the party they want (loud music), you put up with some drunken people chatting. Tomorrow your kids will be noisy and disturbing them Swings and roundabouts.

SantaIAmSoFuckingRock Sun 16-Dec-12 02:29:45

hmm, is there any drilling you could be getting on with early tomorrow morning?

i feel your pain. in my last house the walls were so thin, i could here the toilet seat shifting when my neighbour just sat on it! he had parties every weekend and they went on til 6/7 am. sometimes even til lunch the next day! it was constant music being turned up and down. bottles knocking about the kitchen. fighting. karaoke. sex. screaming. standing outside smoking and having really loud shouty conversations and laughing. all their phones going off constantly. people tripping over things and stuff banging against walls. i was never so glad to move!

moodymai Sun 16-Dec-12 02:34:42

Did you sell Santarock or did you get a transfer? Lol at the drilling. If only I had a friend with a pneumatic one!

moodymai Sun 16-Dec-12 02:34:48

Did you sell Santarock or did you get a transfer? Lol at the drilling. If only I had a friend with a pneumatic one!

deleted203 Sun 16-Dec-12 02:38:12

Fab! A cornet playing child needs to be encouraged in regular practise!

moodymai Sun 16-Dec-12 02:53:37

Now they've started playing music at 2.53am

deleted203 Sun 16-Dec-12 02:55:36

Then as music lovers they will fully appreciate the cornet played loudly at around 6.30 am! grin

moodymai Sun 16-Dec-12 03:01:53

Think they've stopped the music. Just hope they don't wake my kids up.

moodymai Sun 16-Dec-12 03:23:43


moodymai Sun 16-Dec-12 03:24:41

I mean lol@sowornout not at the loud party

elfbambinos Sun 16-Dec-12 03:29:34

Its Christmas live and let be

elfbambinos Sun 16-Dec-12 03:31:00

what are they playing <nosey emoticon>

deleted203 Sun 16-Dec-12 03:32:09

Can your DD play, 'Just One Cornetto'?......grin. Cheesy joke.....

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