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treesntrees Fri 14-Dec-12 22:52:28

AIBU to be anoyed with acquaintance who sends me links to jokes all the time (eight today) when I specified when she asked me for my email address that she not send me jokes. I have another friend who does this as well. I would rather have a short personal message from time to time than frequent jokes without any message.

chrismissymoomoomee Fri 14-Dec-12 22:56:26

YABU she probably sends them to her whole address book. You know what it will be when you get it, it doesn't take a second to delete it, you don't even have to open it.

treesntrees Sat 15-Dec-12 16:52:35

ah, a bit like the annoying ppi phone calls. So advise me. How do I stop them please?

Tomorrowslookingfine Sat 15-Dec-12 18:53:40

Mark her as a junk sender so anything she sends you goes straight into your junk box?

treesntrees Mon 17-Dec-12 17:20:43

thanks will do

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