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To think Amazon have definitely cornered the market

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kim147 Thu 13-Dec-12 22:30:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GothAnneGeddes Wed 19-Dec-12 13:37:54

"I know we're all supposed to enjoy pootling around the local artisan shops with
a wicker basket over our arm but it's not my
choice of leisure activity"

grin at this.

Although, I have switched to Kobo to Amazon a bit less of my money.

Kayano Wed 19-Dec-12 13:37:57

I have an Amazon problem and now I have a kindle fire and Amazon prime membership I did my Christmas shopping in less than 20 mins and it arrived the next day.

They need to pay more UK tax but I can't fault their service.

Startail Wed 19-Dec-12 13:38:18

Amazon and play here (for the thing that was cheaper).
Amazon were quicker.

Wish DD2's present had been available on Amazon, sodding dance wear lot have put £44 on my card and can't deliver first or second choice by xmas and the orders been cancelled.

As for tax, I don't care, We pay lots and DDs go to school in in about the worst funded county in the country, so I'm not feeling charitable.

Kayano Wed 19-Dec-12 13:38:54

Kim147 - lmfao!!!

Francagoestohollywood Wed 19-Dec-12 13:40:12

Nah, I can't switch to kobo, here it is distributed by Berlusconi's shops. Enough is enough.

MonkeyRisotto Wed 19-Dec-12 13:43:27


Arcticwaffle Wed 19-Dec-12 14:55:32

I'm an amazon groupie and I have a kindle too which means I'm really tied into them (though I do get a lot from Project Gutenberg but that's only got the old famous classics) but I am thinking of how to buy elsewhere.

Not convinced boycotts work though, I'm one of many who's been boycotting Nestle since forever, and I'm still boycotting Barclays from being a student in the 80s, and I boycott Israeli stuff, and Starbucks (no temptation there), and I'm newly boycotting Asda cos of their sexist Xmas ad. But I'm not sure any of them have noticed the lack of my custom.

CogitOCrapNotMoreSprouts Wed 19-Dec-12 14:57:58

"Postie came twice today bearing A packets. He hates A ... said as much... "

Can't help thinking this bozo is in the wrong job.... hmm Darn those customers sending parcels!!!!

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