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to not follow the 48 hour D&V rule, because no one cares?

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dreamingbohemian Thu 13-Dec-12 10:54:52

Okay so I have been brainwashed advised by countless MN threads that it's incredibly selfish to take your DC to school or other things without waiting 48 hours after D&V.

I thought this would be universal advice, but now I find myself living in a place where people seem a lot less worried about it.

Last week DS had some mild D&V -- he threw up a few times and had some diarrhea but was not really sick otherwise, was still happy and bouncing around.

My DH thought he should still go to the childminder on the second day, when he didn't throw up at all, but I said no because it hadn't been 48 hours. She also looks after a baby and a little girl who seems to get ill a lot so I thought that was fair enough.

Except, then DH had to take DS to the doctor to get a sick note (so DH could take off work) and the doctor said no, there's no 48 hour rule. And it turns out our childminder would have been fine with having him.

So in future, AIBU to not follow the 48 hour rule, because it's not actually a rule here?

(I'm in France btw)

Mia4 Sun 16-Dec-12 21:59:23

It's a good idea when dealing with Norovirus but not necessarily with others imo. Especially not food poisoning or if they seem perfectly fine during and 24 hours after. You are still infectious 2 days after with noro although some people can excrete the virus for up to 2 weeks after.

Mia4 Sun 16-Dec-12 22:01:48

Forgot to say that with the Noro, we can't go back to work for 2 days. I work for the NHS and when a whole department (almost) went off sick, two people only threw up once, so likely didn't have it and felt fine but they insisted they take 2 days off work.

upstart68 Sun 16-Dec-12 22:04:25

I'm still angry 3 years later - after another mum failed to observe the 48 hours and came round our house infecting us all for the whole of half term, which then spread to a family member having chemo. Why the hell couldn't she have just stayed in an extra day - particularly as it was half term i.e. no other commitments. She rang me up on the Thursday of the week, asking if I'd do a favour. No, I said. We're really unwell. Oh she said, yes we had that at the weekend. But yet she came round my house on the Monday and said nothing about it.

redwellybluewelly Sun 16-Dec-12 22:05:13

DD's nursery has a 48hour rule, they increased it from 24hours at the start of the September term in line with local education authority advice. We are UK.

I would not break that 48hrs rile simply because I have seen how much more effective it is. But your CM and your child.

OTTMummA Sun 16-Dec-12 22:44:31

My Hospital have the 48hr rule for visitors atm.
They also have a sign telling people not to smoke on the premises, but i still had to carry my baby through smoke into paediatric A&E this week sad there is a fucking piece of green land opposite the entrance, well away from the doors, why is it so hard to think about other people?

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