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A little tip for keeping warm from someone who is very 'nesh' (and a bit poor)

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jjazz Wed 12-Dec-12 21:31:49

Go to an area of town with lots of charity shops- not difficult so far. Hunt out the nicest cashmere jumper you can find. It has to be 100% cashmere and roomy enough for a couple of layers underneath. This is also not difficult as they were very popular a couple of years ago and stupid rich people are now bored of them after a couple of wears and find them far too hot in their super toasty houses! I got one for £5.95 last week (which is the most I have ever spent on one item in a charity shop.) Hand wash it & dry flat (this is the not so good bit...waiting for it to dry aint fun either) wear with a couple of layers (i.e. vest and long sleeved skinny rib/polo neck type thingy) under. You will not ever be cold again. xxx

LegArmpits Wed 12-Dec-12 22:56:37

You have to boil them in a pan until they go soft again!

AudrinaWhiteChristmasAdare Wed 12-Dec-12 22:59:45

My feet are always cold so I put these microwave slipper boots in a few times every day. Weirdly if my feet are toasty I can bear the cold much better.

They are brilliant if you have just come in and have bags to unpack, DC to sort, nappies to change etc because you can be defrosting your toes as all these things are being done.

aimingtobeaperfectionist Wed 12-Dec-12 22:59:57

Three have you tried boiling them?

SledYuleCated Wed 12-Dec-12 23:14:23

Get changed when you come in the house. I find taking off the cold clothes and putting on some room temperature ones helps me warm up a lot quicker.

FairyChristmas Wed 12-Dec-12 23:31:19

I am sat leaning against the radiator while mnetting.

It's lovely and warm but blardy cold whenever I have to get up!

StateofConfusion Thu 13-Dec-12 00:02:31

Mens socks! I pinched some of dps the other day as I'm too pregnant to bend down to my own sock drawer and the dcs were downstairs busy. Anyway so much warmer than my thickest bed socks!

Also dp got some sticky foam door seals and added them round our front door and french doors (onto the actual door) aswell as the existing ones round the frame, it now takes more ooopf to shut the doors but MUCH warmer! Only cost £2 in wilkos! And we've hung a curtain at the front door --since the LL STILL hasn't replaced the fecking glass that broke so its only single glaze and has been since before we moved in--

Also at 3pm I shut all the curtains before it gets too cold again.

Snazzyfeelingfestive Thu 13-Dec-12 00:08:35

Yes the knee length socks tip works well. Also thermals. Asda are doing them for good prices now and in black/other colours as well as the trad white.

Also, the draught excluders. Stand by a door without one in place at the moment and you'll soon notice the icy blast!

ssaw2012 Thu 13-Dec-12 00:26:29

I like those macrowaveble slippers. One problem is that synetic materials makw my skin dry. I can see it after using the fleece blanket.
Knee-high socks make the difference in this type of whether. Stockings would have been perfect for my knees smile

TenPercenter Thu 13-Dec-12 00:31:58

I love putting my pyjamas in the drier for 5 minutes, utter bliss. I also find our feather duvet much cosier than our last cheapy one, we keep the old one on the sofa for watching tv. Thankfully it's due to get warmer until christmas at least.

I love the cold and snow, but tbh it's more trouble than it's worth once you have to pay the bills and faff about with millions of scarfs and hats and gloves.

BelieveInMe Thu 13-Dec-12 00:42:17

A sleeping bag on the sofa! This is what I cosy myself up in all winter, every winter and it's fantastic. It's not one of those shiny material ones, I find them cold when you first get in, it's cotton, with brushed cotton on the inside, so snuggly and warm!

MummytoMog Thu 13-Dec-12 01:21:51

DS has inherited DH's shonky circulation and I can't get his hands to stay warmer than icicles sad he is 20 months and pulls mittens off in seconds, any ideas? I've been contemplating gaffer taping them on, but suspect our CM would disapprove...

SantaIAmSoFuckingRock Thu 13-Dec-12 01:28:46

i struggled last year to find long johns for my then 2 year old (no problem for older boys) so i bought him black tights and white tights from asda from the girls' range. dead cheap and dead cosy with a pair of his socks over the top.

SantaIAmSoFuckingRock Thu 13-Dec-12 01:31:14

mummytomog what about trying long children's socks over his hands and up his arms underneath his coat so he cant get them off?

LittleMissKitschmas Thu 13-Dec-12 02:56:55

Don't buy wheat bags. Denim from old jeans is perfect, sew a pouch, fill with wheat (it's £1.25 for 500g in my local lentil-weaver shop) and sew up the edge. Takes about half an hour and they're awesome.

bellarose2011 Thu 13-Dec-12 08:03:54

Mummttong. I found a pair of mittens and matching pram shoes that have velcro around the wrist/ankle, they cant get them off! I got them in tkmaxx for about a fiver and both my kids have used them for yrs now. Best fiver ive ever spent!
Also i get those cheap fleece blankets from ikea (£2/£3) and put on all the beds. Over the bottom sheets and over the quilt, it makes such a difference. Cotton sheets can feel really cold.
I also walk around the house with one wrapped around me like a sarong.
With my fleece sarong, knee high socks and ugg style slippers i always feel warm enough.

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Thu 13-Dec-12 08:13:13

What is nesh??

AtiaoftheJulii Thu 13-Dec-12 08:17:11

Arm/wrist warmers - thin ones that you can wear indoors and won't get in the way. I have some lovely ones from etsy, but have also been known to chop up old socks, as all you need is a tube with a thumb hole!

Might work for the toddler with cold hands too?

I also often wear my Buff at home, just a standard thin one. Feels so cold and draughty when I take it off!

And I have my fleece blanket under the duvet too - feels so much cosier :-)

AtiaoftheJulii Thu 13-Dec-12 08:19:32

Am also thinking that I am going to have to put a curtain up at the front door - you can see daylight round it! And a new door and door frame will be more expensive - but it's going to get in the way of the kids going in and out with bikes, so I'm still pondering how to do it.

ParsingFancy Thu 13-Dec-12 08:32:11

You need a portiere rod, Atia, so the curtain opens with the door.

Plus draught-stripping round your door. There are different types for different size gaps, so for best results read packaging carefully. (Helpful info on this site under Products.)

BelinaTheChicken Thu 13-Dec-12 08:37:40

DH has been working in a freezing old farmhouse with no heating, and has been wearing my pajama bottoms under his work jeans, he's lovely and warm, but I'm running out of clean pajamas as he keeps taking them off when he gets too hot and leaving them and work. Keeping a very tight hold on my onsie!

INeedThatForkOff Thu 13-Dec-12 08:42:28

I just love the idea of using filter fluff as stuffing!

It is so cold in our pantry that the fridge freezer has stopped working and I've had to chuck everything out sad

accessorizequeen Thu 13-Dec-12 08:43:20

I bought the dc wristwarmers last winter and dd wears hers a lot, they really help with the cold. Ebay have them. I have several pairs myself and they make a big difference.
How can you hang a curtain over the door if there's no room to open it? We are losing heat from there but can't figure out how I would get in and out of the house! Could put it on the door but that wouldn't cover the drafty spots.

KenAdams Thu 13-Dec-12 08:48:27

Primark pyjamas are all you need to stay warm. My new ones are super soft ones and its like wearing a duvet, but they are still so light.

mrsscoob Thu 13-Dec-12 08:52:19

Keeping the curtains closed helps the house stay warmer

ParsingFancy Thu 13-Dec-12 08:57:40

That's why you need the portiere rod, accessorize. It's mounted on the door, but wider than the door and sits above it. Draughty gaps covered.

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