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to sit and cry? And is it too early for wine?

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TinselTwister Wed 12-Dec-12 16:14:43

We are buying a house. New build, 1st time buyers so no chain. Builders estate agent was offering £750 towards legal fees if we completed by 27th November.

Solicitor told us last week we should complete by today. Now apparently it will 'possibly be before Christmas if they receive the title deed from builders solicitor tomorrow'

Everything is in boxes, dp works mon-fri, I work fri, sat and sun. We are supposed to be going to a hotel overnight on the 21st for my work party. Dp is Dj'ing this Friday night, the next two saturday nights and Christmas Eve.

We have given notice on our rental property and the new tenants want to move in asap. We have paid until 31st, we assumed this would give us plenty of time given that solicitor said mid Oct that 27th November was a realistic target.

I might as well put the tree up mightn't I? sad

cozietoesie Wed 12-Dec-12 16:18:18

Don't put the tree up. Just open a bottle.

Poor you. sad

DreamingOfTheMaldives Wed 12-Dec-12 16:20:19

It's never too early for wine! Here have a glass on me. wine

vintageviolets Wed 12-Dec-12 16:23:59

Pleeeease have a wine for me, Its been 5 months (pregnant)

It will all work out, we are renting & will be buying next year, so I feel your pain. Now have a wine, LARGE x

wine for now
thanks for moving in

TinselTwister Wed 12-Dec-12 16:25:19

Thank you. Did I mention its dp's first day in his new job today? Hope it was a good one cos it'll turn to shite when he gets in!

Twinklestarstwinklestars Wed 12-Dec-12 16:27:02

We waited 8 months for our new build, it was just land though but once it was up it seemed to take forever for paperwork etc to be done.

Hope you get in for Xmas.

NettoHoHoHoSuperstar Wed 12-Dec-12 16:28:13

Open the bottle.
I need to move too, am currently getting in debt as I'm not (loooooooong story), and I've decided to open the can of cheap lager bottle!

EverlongLovesHerChristmasRobin Wed 12-Dec-12 16:32:07

Open the bottle then drink it.

Hope you complete pronto.

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