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to think that I shouldn't have to swallow my principles to save the NHS money?

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Tollund Wed 12-Dec-12 10:36:50

I was seen by a practice nurse this morning and prescribed antibiotics for my chest infection. When he wrote the prescription I said that if they were capsules with gelatine in them I couldn't take them and would need the medicine instead. He told me that he didn't know if they did or not and didn't have time to research it, and if I really couldn't bring myself to take them I'd have to ask the pharmacist what they would recommend. I've been here before so I said that they wouldn't prescribe anything and I'd end up having to come back to pick up yet another prescription. He said to go and see what they said but he wouldn't prescribe the medicine as it was more expensive. (I'm guessing he doesn't see a lot of Hindus and not sure how far he'd get suggesting that people should take things containing boiled up connective tissue and bones whether they've spent a lifetime avoiding them or not.)

So I went to the pharmacist and exactly what I had said would happen, happened and I've wasted over an hour trying to get them to liaise amongst themselves so I didn't physically need to run between the surgery and chemist to pick up prescriptions myself. (With a chest infection when it's -2!)

AIBU to think that the practice nurse was being a total arse and that I shouldn't be made to run around wasting time because he "was too busy" and clearly thought I was being stupid for not just taking the gelatine?

RedToothbrush Thu 13-Dec-12 15:33:39

So sweeping EVERYONES concerns under the carpet to make the health service better is what you advocate LeBFG?

Thats part of the point in a way though. HCPs thinking they are able to sweep things under the carpet actually makes them do it, rather than solve problems which would actually probably work out cheaper in the long run.

And it ends up being precisely 'survival of the fittest' as it comes down to being pushy rather the HCPs trying to do the best by the patient in every case without exception. We aren't all the same so why try and do things the same way for everyone? You should do it the right way for everyone.

Just as an example, my grandmother has been in hospital recently to have an operation which they didn't know if she would survive. She 87. She complained to my mum about the nurses bullying her to get out of bed and sit in her chair but she didn't want to. She was really upset about it and the attitude of the nurses was adding to her distress. Why?

Because my grandmother is tiny. And the chair she had was giving her pain after her operation.

The nurses refused to listen to why she didn't want to get out of bed. My mum got involved and got the hospital to find a smaller chair. But she had to fight for it. She eventually managed to get hold of a smaller version of the same chair, one of only four in the entire hospital, and bought at the time at some expense.

Thing is though, my grandmother was actually able to sit in this chair without being in pain. So she started getting out of bed. Which probably speeded up her recovery time and meant she freed up the bed quicker.

But she was ignored and left in pain cos they couldn't be arsed to listen to a simple problem. And that chair even though it wasn't cheap probably would be a worthwhile investment if it was used to similar people in similar situations on a regular basis but on paper it looks like a shit investment.

The trouble with trying to standardise everything to fit the average person like the chair is simply that not everyone is as is an average person with the same needs in the first place.

LeBFG Thu 13-Dec-12 18:11:08

Eh red? Don't get where I implied it would be a good idea to sweep everyone's concerns under the carpet. In fact I said certain categories of people/problem should be taken a whole lot more seriously than someone whining about a milligram of gelatin in her pills (given the non-perfect world we live in).

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