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To think it's a bit odd that colleague isn't buying his DD Christmas presents?

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PurpleTinsel Tue 11-Dec-12 11:58:31

I have a colleague who's first baby (a DD) was born about 6 months ago.

This will be her first Christmas. We were talking about Christmas yesterday, and colleague said that he and his DP are not buying their DD any Christmas presents at all because she's too young to appreciate Christmas.

I can understand not making a big deal about Christmas for a baby - but the idea that they're buying no Christmas presents for her at all, not even one small inexpensive present, surprised me.

Colleague is well paid and his family celebrate Christmas.

AIBU to think that this is odd behaviour?

showmethetoys Mon 17-Dec-12 16:31:02

I really dont get the whole buying your baby tons of presents either!

DS was 4 months last xmas and he got a jumperoo as did every other baby on the planet it seemed and this xmas we have also just got him one 'large' toy that I am hoping he will really like. He has already got loads of toys, plus the rest of our family are going to buy him stuff anyway. He is still to young to understand or give a shit, plus I know that I have got years ahead of him telling me exactly what he wants!

I really dont understand the people who not only buy their 6 month old a shitload of toys for christmas, but then do the boakworthy thing of posting a picture of all the toys all wrapped up on xmas eve, onto Facebook. Why would you do this?

usualsuspect3 Mon 17-Dec-12 16:33:37

I would always buy any babies in my family a present at christmas. It would seem odd to me not to.

Like I was leaving them out.

usualsuspect3 Mon 17-Dec-12 16:35:20

I like to see lovely christmas pictures on FB. But then I'm not an old misery.

showmethetoys Mon 17-Dec-12 16:40:38

I love to see xmas pictures too,but I like to see people actually spending time and having fun with each other. Why do I need to see darling little 7 month old Johnnie's christmas haul, who exactly is that sort of photo for?

fishybits Mon 17-Dec-12 16:46:04

DD will be 11 months at Christmas. The pile of presents for her from family is ridiculous. I've told people not to buy anything for her January birthday and we'll split the present pile in two. Her present from us is a stocking filled with shredded paper, loo roll and kitchen towel. The mess will be incredible and I can guarantee that our "present" will be the most fun for her.

So you can add DH and I to the list of disgraceful parents who clearly don't love their children.

OhSantaClaussOhOh Mon 17-Dec-12 16:48:55

I am shock by the several people who say 'Oh I am not buying anything for my 1yo because a lot of other people will do so anyway'.

And then people who then say 'Oh dc is just 1 yo and will not remember so it doesn't matter'

On that sort of line, why on earth would any grandparent or aunty/uncle by anything for the lo??....
And how these people would feel if said GP or PIL were NOT buying a present for the first christmas of their gc....

I agree with usualsuspect. I would always buy something for a lo in the family. So why would I not buy one for my own child confused

OhSantaClaussOhOh Mon 17-Dec-12 16:53:37

@ fishy Why does it have anything to do with not loving your child???
It might be that your present will be the one she will prefer on the day. It might be that the present she will prefer in the long run is one that another member of your family had chosen for her. Who knows??
I don't think anyone has said that their dcs would have no present at all (which would be very mean imo) and sin't your case.

Meggymoodle Mon 17-Dec-12 16:57:51

I think Christmas is totally over commercialized anyway; the idea of perpetuating that and buying for a small baby who has no idea what it's all about seems ludicrous. As someone else has said, it's generally for an older sibling that presents would be a good idea. DD was born 3 weeks before Christmas and didn't get anything for Christmas from anyone which seemed totally reasonable. I am still buying very little for our DC (3 and 2) as they get so much stuff and that is really not what Christmas is about anyway.

CheungFun Mon 17-Dec-12 17:39:15

I agree with the OP, to me it does seem a bit odd not to buy anything at all for a baby. DS was born on Xmas Eve, but we still bought him a few little toys as Christmas presents and DM bought him a lovely teddy bear.

I don't think there's any need to go mad and buying up Hamleys, but I'd definitely buy something.

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