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to not be able to get used to DSs name?

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pageturner1 Sun 09-Dec-12 22:31:16

DS is four months old and I still cannot get used to calling him his name and flinch when I hear others say it. We gave him my favourite name ever but there is something about it that doesn't feel like his name - if that makes sense. I can't work out why this is.

Has anyone else felt like this? If so, how long did it take for you to get used to your DCs name? Is there anyone who is still not comfortable with it? I'm wondering if I'll always feel like this.

I never call my dcs by their actual names anyway. Everyone calls dd, who is Chrissy after dps mum, Mini or Moomin, and ds, who is Edward after dp, Littlest, Brainiac, Eddie or Hedwig.

I wanted to call them Holly and Harry! wink

Whippoorwhill Mon 10-Dec-12 20:23:25

We called our son Ryan. It was comfortably normal but not over used... except that the months before he was born the footballer Ryan Giggs was very much in the news. Not being a football fan I had no idea and it was only after we'd registered the name that a midwife mentioned that he was the third Ryan born that day and the sixth that week. Every time we told anyone his name they said 'oh, after the footballer?'. I was really tempted to change his name and for months he was known as Baby, then gradually BabyRyan. By the time he went to school I'd got used to it and yup, there was one of the other Ryans in his class, sharing his birthday. grin

catgirl1976geesealaying Mon 10-Dec-12 20:36:48

DH wanted a certain name (Tristan) for DS

I really didn't like it but it meant a lot to him so I said ok (minutes after a forceps delivery in theatre, prepped for an EMCS) hmm

I have only just got used to it a year on grin

But I have got used to it........

catgirl1976geesealaying Mon 10-Dec-12 20:38:28

Oh........and we never call him Tristan

He is a multitude of nick names or T

Or his middle name

Boris blush

acceptableinthe80s Mon 10-Dec-12 20:55:25

I changed my mind when ds was 4 days old, just didn't suit him. I still find it weird calling by his name sometimes and often use affectionate terms instead.

PoppyPrincess Mon 10-Dec-12 23:54:36

YANBU I was the same with DS and my DD is now 3&1/2 months old and I still have moments when I think 'is that really her name?'
I think it can just take a while to get used to it, I think with most names you have an image of what ppl with that name look like so it can be strange getting used to it belonging to your baby.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE DD's name, we didn't know whether we were having a girl or a boy but the thought of me having a boy and not being able to use her name brought a tear to my eye...but it still feels strange calling her her name sometimes.
I used to feel the same when DS was a baby but now I don't even give it any thought.
You'll get used to it, just give it time x

VikingLady Tue 11-Dec-12 08:58:19

It still feels odd using DD's name, and she is 9m. She usually gets Stinkerbell, or Babba. Not quite sure how these became her usual names!

rubycon Tue 11-Dec-12 09:04:22

I was just listening to an item on names - I didn't know you could change it legally during the first year - not the surname, just the first name.

Psammead Tue 11-Dec-12 09:13:14

I call DD2 baby, and called Dd1 baby for ages, too. She's too little for an actual people name grin

salemsparklys Tue 11-Dec-12 11:17:39

I want to know all these names now lol

Tailtwister Tue 11-Dec-12 11:28:34

It took me ages to get used to DS1's name. It's DH's Grandfather's name and I was adamant I didn't want it initially (had a PITA neighbour once with the same name). Just after DS was born (literally minutes after!) they asked us if we had a name and DH asked me what he liked that particular name and I agreed to it (would have agreed to anything at that point!). After everyone had been told, there really wasn't anything I could do. Took me a while to get used to it, but after a while I did and now I quite like it!

LedaOfSparta Tue 11-Dec-12 11:54:05

My DD is 13 weeks old and we didn't name her for 24 hrs as we wanted to look properly at our shortlist. DH wouldn't even entertain my favourite ( Claudia) and it came down to 2 both of which I liked but 1 was more unusual than the other.

We went with the unusual one but I didn't realise it was so unheard of, everyone gets it wrong, everyone expects me to have some elaborate story for having chosen it and it's not their fault but it gets on my wick!

I love the name and hope she grows into it but can't help thinking I should have gone with something else off my list.

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