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to ask your best holidays with small kids?

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marymary40 Sun 09-Dec-12 19:34:30

Not sure where to go this year with our 3. They are 3-6 in age. All want the go to disneyland, but it is too expensive - I mean we could with credit cards afford it but I feel it is too much too spend when they are so little - best waiting a few years until they will remember it.

I have to look after my dad so would prefer to only go on a one week or maybe 10 day holiday (if long haul)- 14 days would be too long.

Ideally we would like to go in school easter holidays, if not then, then the summer (we can't do whit)

I would quite like somewhere with a kids club - never done this b4 and hate the idea of the AI benidorm type holiday.

absolute max budget is £5000, but prefer less!!

Any suggestions??

Sirzy Sun 09-Dec-12 19:37:10

Minorca is lovely and very family friendly.

We have done Rhodes to which was nice but VERY hot in summer months which made it harder for DS.

I do think I prefer holidays in this country while he is little though!

EverlongLovesHerChristmasRobin Sun 09-Dec-12 19:39:44

Mark Warner was nice.

Lovely kids clubs, good rooms and food. A relaxing holiday all in all.

bradyismyfavouritewiseman Sun 09-Dec-12 19:39:46

we go to Florida quite alot.

You could def go for less than £5000. We are going early Jan and paid less than £2000 for accommodation, car and flights (tgats 4 of us).

Both my kids went around the age of one and had a great time.

ds is 21 months and dd 8. Can't wait.

trudolphtherednosedreindeer Sun 09-Dec-12 19:40:02

Was going to suggest centre parcs. But, if you're looking for sun, I can't help. Usually stay in the uk.

bradyismyfavouritewiseman Sun 09-Dec-12 19:40:51

Scratch that. I wouldn't go to Florida I Easter holidays.

MrsTerrysChocolateOrange Sun 09-Dec-12 19:41:59

Cornwall was awesome. It rained, was grey and horrible, DD loved it. The beach, ice cream and running around. No kids club but happy DC.

manicinsomniac Sun 09-Dec-12 19:42:39

Best holiday I've had for the children was Cornwall. Went to Pembrokeshire last year which was great but not quite so geared to children.

BerthaTheMangerBurglar Sun 09-Dec-12 19:44:33

I came on here intending to say "the best holidays we've had with small dc, are the ones where we've stayed home and done day trips" but that's not what you're looking for ...

Yama Sun 09-Dec-12 19:45:01

The Isle of Arran.

Twinklestarstwinklestars Sun 09-Dec-12 19:45:12

We went to the first choice holiday village in Egypt and both ds' aged 2 and 7 loved it. The 2 year old still talks about it, he learnt to swim there.

Went to turkey one last year and that was good but I preferred Egypt. The Spain one is supposed to be amazing, as is Cyprus and Rhodes.

We also went to jungle aqua park in Egypt which was brilliant but more for older ones.

Ughfootballseason Sun 09-Dec-12 19:46:13

Club med at La Palmyre was fab. All inclusive (but gorgeous food!) and lots to do in the area and you can drive it. The kids' club looked fantastic but dd was too young. She was devastated.

marymary40 Sun 09-Dec-12 19:48:55

I would definately take the twins out of school for a week family holiday - think all this guff about missing 5 days affecting their whole life chances is crap BUT I am a techer myself so we are restricted to school holidays. We will I think go on holiday in the UK for a long weekend in August but would prefer a foreign trip as well- not least as it puts us out of mobile contact with needy relatives.

dinnersinthedawg Sun 09-Dec-12 19:50:50

We went to Purerto Pollensa in Majorca which was lovely and last year to Santa Eulalia in Ibiza, absolutely brilliant. Both resorts were very family friendly but not tacky or Benidorm like - still had a real Spanish charm.

goralka Sun 09-Dec-12 19:51:06

anywhere in Greece esp. Rhodes or Crete at Easter

marymary40 Sun 09-Dec-12 19:52:51

Oh that is interesting about Rhodes and Crete are they warm at Easter ? I thought Greece was more a may onwards place?

Guitargirl Sun 09-Dec-12 19:53:00

£5000 is a lot of money for a holiday with two small ones. We spent £500 on a caravan in Pembrokeshire last year during the school summer holidays and it was fab - kids loved it!

topbannana Sun 09-Dec-12 19:55:05

We have used EuroCamp for most of DS's life.
They have always been great, fantastic customer service and a range of camp sites in lots of different countries. DS has rarely used the kids clubs but enjoyed them when he did smile

EverlongLovesHerChristmasRobin Sun 09-Dec-12 19:57:50

I wouldn't go to Greece at Easter. You are chancing good weather.

goralka Sun 09-Dec-12 20:00:07

I don't agree if you go to Crete or Rhodes, I have been down there at all times of year and easter is nice and warm without being savage.

goralka Sun 09-Dec-12 20:01:42

Crete is amazing at Easter, and the people are so child friendly (if you want the easter celebrations there tho do not forget the Orthodox calender is different from ours)

HollyBerryBush Sun 09-Dec-12 20:01:57

It's lovely to have that money to spend, but in all seriousness, a small family B&B on the south coast.

Really you just want a sunshine holiday - the kids wont care at that age so long as they have a bucket and spade.

EverlongLovesHerChristmasRobin Sun 09-Dec-12 20:02:08

I know you can get some lovely weather at that time of year but it's a gamble imo.

natation Sun 09-Dec-12 20:03:40

Camping holidays with Vacansoleil. You'd have trouble getting to £1000 for a 10 day holiday, never mind £5000! They have locations all over Europe. The UK marketed camping companies such as Eurocamp and Keycamp are 9 times out of 10 significantly more expensive for the same holiday at the same campsites.

goralka Sun 09-Dec-12 20:05:24

yes everlong its true you might get a little rain...but not for long...

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