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To want to tell DH to suck it up?

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ElphabaTheGreen Sat 08-Dec-12 08:50:36

This could be my sleep-deprivation putting me a touch on edge, but my DH keeps moaning about his mild-to-moderate ailments. DAILY. We have both had back-to-back viruses throughout November, thanks in no small part to 6mo DS having started nursery and kindly sharing everything with us. Thing is, I'm putting up with them (and going out of my way not to complain and keep a cheerful face on it) on a weekly quota of broken sleep that most people, including DH, would get unbroken in one night. By and large, he's a teriffic, lovely dad, but for the past several weeks, requests for assistance with chores or DS have been preceded by a laboured sigh before tearing himself away from the sofa and TV. He nearly got it in the neck last night when, as DS's umpteenth wake-up, he mumbled, 'Can you please settle him really quickly? My head is pounding.'

No dear. I'll let him cry for half an hour or so, just for kicks. Does this require words or should I continue screaming into a pillow?

ThereGoesTheYear Sun 09-Dec-12 15:26:11

Good work, Elphaba!

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